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Do you secretly suffer from some form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 6th, 2008

OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder which carries with it obsessions and compulsions.

A person suffering OCD has something in their brain that tells them they must carry out certain tasks and rituals.

Mild or severe, do you count the tiles in your bathroom? Do you know exactly how many books are on your bookshelf?

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Last time i counted there were 37 tiles in my bathroom and 86 books on my shelf. Not OCD though just get bored.

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I was about to answer but I have to go wash my hands again…...

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yes! I do this wierd thing where I find a number(like any random number) and I multiply it by two and then I take that and multiply it by three and then i take that and multiply it by four, and so on and so forth… It gets really annoying but I only do it subconciously when I am bored! Haha

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I always have to make sure the tp roll goes over the top. I even change it around at other peoples houses and public restrooms. That’s it though!

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If I told you then it wouldn’t be a secret.

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@ loser…I do that also. I didn’t think of it as OCD till now though.

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If I have to be in a space for a long period of time I have to clean it up first… Few examples.. before I sit down and do homework I have to clean up a bit..I can’t concentrate… When I drive somewhere far I have to clean out my car and wipe everything down

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I have a checklist for my things before I go anywhere. My friend thinks it’s funny and she has to wait until I make sure I have my “keys, wallet, cell phone, iPod, camera.” It’s in quotes because I actually say it out loud as I feel in my purse for those things. It only takes about five seconds, but I do it every time I leave some place.

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Its not a disorder until it interferes with your life.

I had a lot of traits when I was younger. Trying to make everything balanced, etc. I got over them, eventually, though.

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Picking on myself…scab, loose skin, dry skin, anything…pick pick pick…at meetings, in the car, in front of people…I try really hard not to do it, but sometimes it is BIGGER than me..and I give in. There is also hair-pulling (my father and sister have that) so I consider myself MILD. Wellbutrin, my good friend, is always there….

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@ Allie ~ if you got an iPhone then you would only have 3 things to grab: keys, wallet, iPhone. :0)

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mcbealer: Very true. I, however, use the T-Mobile network and don’t feel like messing around with unlocking the iPhone. Also, if I had an iPhone I would be much less productive with my time.. even less productive than I already am. I would spend my day on Fluther and Facebook.

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Definitely, definitely have to go to K-Mart.

ok so that isn’t OCD, but whatever

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People could exhibit OCD symptoms and NOT be suffering from OCD. MANY people do. How many people check and re-check if they locked the front door? Also, there are other symptoms of OCD besides what was described above. Some people get invasive thoughts which distracts them from being focused, much like ADD. Some develop Body Dysmorphic Disorder and see something entirely different from anyone else when they look in a mirror.

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I’m pretty sure that I don’t. I am pretty sure that I don’t. I am pretty sure that I do not. I am sure that I do not.

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Hm, I think maybe just a little bit. Or a lot. I think i’m leaning towards the “a lot” more, like for example one of my biggest things when I type is that I will hit the space bar two times and backspace once just so I can do it, I don’t know it just relaxes me. Also! Also… I find myself counting the tiles on the school walls, the tiles on the floors, the lockers, how many steps I take, and sometimes I count how many times a teacher breaths. Creepy Right?

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