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Where are hippie towns significantly rising in America?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 6th, 2011

My friend told me that Asheville, NC has a growing community of Hippies, or young people totally alternative, who don’t believe in sexual labels and older generations can’t understand this ideology. Where have you heard are growing hippie towns in America? Obviously, in San Francisco, home of the hippie. Noticed a bunch in San Diego as well, which is refreshing, because were a military town, which is to say, hippies can co exist with military families after all. Of course, the dad’s of these families tend to get tattooed by these working hippies :D

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Eugene, Oregon has a pretty strong hippie population. I wouldn’t call it growing but there are lots. A lot of them came here after Jerry Garcia died.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fallbrook, California
Cambria, California
Boulder, Colorado
Nearly every college town in the U. S.

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What on earth is a juggalo?
No, it is primarily a farm/artist community.

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My brother lives in Asheville and says it is definitely a hippie haven!!!! My brother is gay and says nowhere has he felt more comfortable!

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Portland, Or. I saw women who didn’t shave their legs or pits there lol. I don’t think it’s wrong, but you have to admit it looks kind of funny after not seeing it for so long.

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Rising? Really? (And Asheville has been an “alternative lifestyle” bastion for at least 30 years, which is how long I’ve known it.)

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Off the top of my head- Madison, Wisconsin. Sedona, Arizona.

You might find this link interesting.

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San Francisco is not a hippie town. Geez, we’re tolerant but also pretty sick and tired of street people just hanging out. San Francisco passed a sit/lie ordinance last year to clean up the Haight.

You seem to confuse tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTQ community with being hippies. LGBTQ homeowners and business owners have the same interests as the straight community: keep the sidewalks clean and don’t allow street people that harass the customers and residents.

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Can we say, “Hello, Berkeley!” There’s a reason it’s nicknamed Berzerkeley. Also, maybe Santa Cruz? A ton of my more earthy friends in high school went there for college. I’m assuming there’s a reason for that.

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What are hippies, these days?

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@wundayatta Good question, because to some people, a hippie could simply be a liberal that is against war.

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The East-Side of Milwaukee has been a hippie “town” part due to UWMilwaukee, in part to the amount of rentals with walking distance to groceries, food, drink-etc.

I don’t think there are more hippie areas than before. There may be more open-minded, less judgemental people now, though.

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@YARNLADY I see, interesting. Well a juggaloo is pretty much comprised of low income white gangsters, on the west coast.

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@zenvelo wow, ordinances are due to people imposing their will upon others. i guess youre right, san francisco isn’t a hippie town. its a major city actually. im not saying all of sf is pure hippie, no not at all. i know the reality is you gotta have a real solid job that makes above average dollar to live in the city, heck the city itself is built off gold. but its also the hub of counter culture, and small private businesses thrive there, and the overall atmosphere is pretty peaceful. just because someone is hippie, doesnt mean they cant work, and just lay on the streets that not what i meant, and i think alot of people understood that in the general sense. come on, im from san diego, republican city of california. i understand what its like to have beggars come to your business or harass customers, we dont really take that down here. but the overall vibe, of san francisco, will always be that it is the city that knows how to love. and thats a huge hippie virtue. in my opinion. @wundayatta ive heard mixed opinions on what a hippie is in our modern tech world. i think personally its anyone who doesnt abide by the mainstream lifestyle, but can hold a job, still be american etc. ive heard others describe new hippies as just hipsters, others have called them fishermen, i think it always falls back into a love for music, art, and earth.

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I think hipsters are on the rise. Hippies are on the decline. I think.

I used to be a hippie, now I think they’re annoying. I hate hipsters. In case anyone wanted to know.

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@cockswain I’m curious as to why you hate hipsters? I do associate with them, because they are the driving force of college radio underground. But at parties they are so pretentious, and douchebags. For instance, one time I’m like, “Is there a bottle opener around?.” (for undomesticated beers) and the douche replies, “heh, no, but theres spoons and a table.” ALLL above it LOL. And another instance!! So I’ve studied journalism and really interested in design aspect of magazines. I ask this kid, “oh wow thats a big magazine?” because it was soooo large. He snottily replies in a gay fashion, “itss… bazaaar”

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@dreamwolf San Francisco had all those values long before the hippies came in 1966/67. That’s why they came here, and the beatniks before them.

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@zenvelo Okay I understand. I should’ve rephrased the term Hippie because its taken on a whole new meaning. I should’ve asked, which cities are on the rise with the alternative population.

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