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How do you find your soulmate?

Asked by livestrong (213points) September 7th, 2011 from iPhone

My mom has told me multiple times that “you meet the one when you’re not looking and least expecting it.”

Any tips on how to meet the one before I turn 80? If not- any great story about how you met the love of your life.

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Apparently on a site just like this one. Twice.

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Don’t look for him/her. Just . . . live. And be open to people.

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I wish I knew. Id imagine by interacting with as many people as possible and being aware of how you respond to them mentally and physically. And being open to any possibility.

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It just happens.

You could go out and do the things you enjoy doing, and more than likely you’ll find that soulmate who has similar interests; or you could move home from college, visit an old friend and fall in love with their roommate (that’s what happened to me).

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@jonsblond Aww! I came home from college and it was like no one had moved in or moved out. Everyones doing the same thing they were 4 years ago. However, I just moved to a new state and start my job in a hospital Monday! :)

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@livestrong Part of the reason for me moving back home was an old boyfriend who said he missed me (plus the cost of living in California). I visited the old boyfriend when I moved back, but fell in love with someone else. and I’m still with him 20 yrs later. funny how things work out

good luck with your new job. I hope you enjoy it. =)

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@jonsblond 20 years?!!! That is amazing :) Congrats!! and thank you!

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You sure soulmates are a thing?

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@nikipedia I guess you never know until you experience it for yourself.

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Just do what you love. Your soulmate will come around.

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I think it happens when your not looking because you let other people see you for who you really are and your more confident because you don’t have to think about what to say or not to say. The easiest thing to move it along is date a lot. You sometimes have to crack a lot of eggs to make an omlet. People who reject others for every little thing never get to see the real person behind the mask. Its like buying the perfect home. Sometimes you will find everything you wanted didn’t actually get you the home you dreamt of. People are like that too. Let go of all the little things you think will make a person perfect for yourself and just hold on to the main stuff. Like character, and kindness. Blond or brunette or redhead shouldn’t matter. Or eye color. I’ve seen many people reject someone before even getting to know them because they are short or they have a small gap in the teeth, or they don’t like to drink or they don’t like to dress up or they dress up too much, or they drive an old beat up car. So just make sure your not being to picky to the point that you will have to have your soul mate manufactured at some lab.

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I’ll let you know when it happens..still waiting.

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Just be yourself, be true to yourself & be prepared to be walked over, trampled on & pushed around emotionally, eventually you’ll come across someone who ticks all your boxes or near enough, they’re the ones who make you smile inside……. But there’s not many of them out there so good luck ;-)

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@Scooby Theres not many of them out there?? I don’t think there are any out there period!!!!! haha No but really, I agree with what @Pandora said. Someone will find the one when they are least expecting it and not worried about being themselves. I just hope this happens before I’m old. I’ve been single for a while and I just keep losing faith with all these “boys” I’ve been meeting. However, it drives me crazy when people throw in the towel and swear they hate women/men and that there is NO ONE out there because with that mind frame you certainly will never find anyone.

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You can’t focus your being on the search. You will give off vibes of desperation.

You need to live the best life you can: pursue your work goals, take vacations, do your hobbies. You will meet someone along the way of living your life.

MY SO and I worked at the same place. e were friends for a long time before we began dating and love blossomed.

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No freakin’ idea!
Hope it happens for you. soon!

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I agree with your mom!

My own mother picked out my fiancee. There was a time I would have dismissed her but because I’m older (40’s) and she’s been right on the money about my past relationships, I decided to gamble on her better insight/observation. Glad I did.

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You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait,
Love don’t come easy,
it’s a game of give and take.

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And if you ever want to put your relationship to the test, a lifetime of family interactions condensed into a small event, plan a wedding together.~

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Maybe it’s time to set your sights on finding a Man & move on from the “Boys”…… I agree with Pandora too….. :-/
Sounds like maybe you’ve been setting your sights too low… or maybe you’re just too picky ( no offence intended ) this alone can close the doors to many potential friendships. It’s a minefield out there, who to trust, who not to trust…….. You just have to feel your way across it, consider all options & most of all don’t rush, you’ll make it eventually. Don’t forget, how you conduct yourself will be the determining factor as to whether you make it across in one piece / Attract the right person……. Just be careful too, you don’t want the one you’re least expecting to find you to be the one driving the bus that runs you down :-/

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