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How/where can an Messianic Gentile man meet up a Messianic Jewish girl for a potential marriage partner?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) July 11th, 2010

I love Yeshua HaMashiach [Jesus Christ] as my Lord and Savior and love learning about Him from Messianic Jew perspective.

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Well is there somewhere you interact with the opposite sex? Perhaps there, in the same circle as you. Also your details have nothing to do with your question.

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Don’t you find prayer to be an assistive mechanism?

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Love has no labels…seeking spiritual compatability is fine, but..things are ever changing. If you truly love someone, you will love them regardless of their belief systems.

It is perfectly possible for love to transcend belief.

Real love is not bound by belief, maybe bolstered, but not bound. :-)

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Try and select for that trait.

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Try Plenty of Fish! It is FREE!

assistive mechanism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where do Messianic Jews go to worship? You could start there. Don’t members of “Jews for Jesus” have a place where they meet?

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Temple or Jdate

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So you are looking for a woman with whom you can seek to mislead Jews who do not need or want your interference in their life or beliefs.

Having a wife who was born Jewish would sure be an asset in your goal to undermine the Jewish community. I’m sorry, I don’t feel comfortable assisting you to accomplish your goal.

I hope you find someone to love rather than a co-conspirator.

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Yeshua HaMashiach sounds supiciously similar to the Kwisatz Haderach…coincidence?

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There have been many false messiahs.

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Hire a marriage broker.

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Good Evening. I wish to encourage you as I see the sincerity of your heart in your question. I, too, consider myself a Messianic Gentile, and I love Yeshua! Often I ask the same question as you have asked, changing only the gender, in that I am a woman seeking to be united to a Messianic man. It is very difficult for me to find others who profess this shared faith, men or women. And that means that the place of waiting for the Father to provide a mate is even more difficult, because there doesn’t even seem to be any prospects. But perhaps that is a great blessing in disguise, for this will require that I rely entirely upon HIM, trusting that ALL THINGS are possible, through HIM!

As far as your question is concerned, if there is no Messianic fellowship near you (something I can relate to) perhaps you can find a local Christian congregation that has an active singles department. While they may not identify themselves as Messianic, there just might be someone there who’s heart and spirit heard the call to see Him as Yeshua!

Another suggestion, which may seem odd at first, is to visit a Seventh Day Adventist church. Mind you, I believe that the SDA’s hold to some interpretations / beliefs that are not supported by the WORD, so I do not advocate joining, but they do recognize the Biblical Sabbath and I actually met a Messianic woman who attends their services simply for that reason, because there is no Messianic congregation in our area.

Other than that, as another member mentioned, prayer is our best approach!... in ALL things!

I wish you all the best -


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