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IPod Touch and iMac question regarding WIFI.

Asked by jrpowell (40562points) May 7th, 2008

I have a iPod Touch and a iMac that is connected via Ethernet to my router. Can I use my iMac (Intel and 10.5.2) to broadcast a signal that my iPod can use?

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Holy shit.. I got it to work. Now I can Fluther in my bed.. That sounds gross. Now to test the range.

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JP, you’re making this job too easy.

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It works in the bathtub. I’m set.

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So you can have a bubble bath or a fluther bath. Or a flutherbubblebath.

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It is pretty much the end of the world.

I wasn’t sure if the card in my iMac could broadcast a signal. It can.

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Just remember to set a password unless you want your neighbors to benefit from it too…
...and yea, fluther baths are cool….only the water gets cold before you get through all the Q’s.

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I’m actually cool if they want to use it. And I live on a huge lot so only a few people would be able to.

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Coming up next: “Is it possible to dry out an iPod Touch that’s been at the bottom of a bubble-bath?”

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hahaha… can dry it out, but if it’s faulty you’re buggered, so remember to make sure it’s on the house-content insurance ;)

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I don’t think I’d bring my iPod touch in the bath, too risky. I would probly drop it in the first 5 mins in! I’ll stick to showering and just listening to my iPod :)

Maybe a waterproof case? (if the touch screen would still work behind the case)

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