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Skewering cauliflower florets and grilling; does it work?

Asked by Jude (32098points) September 13th, 2011

I have some veggies on hand (red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, and cauliflower) and I want to skewer them, and BBQ them, when I get home.

Do they take long to cook? Do they taste any good after you’ve cooked them on the grill?

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Yes I think so. I would toss them in olive oil salt and pepper and cook until desired doneness.

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Cauliflower will take longer than the other squishier vegetables, but you can eat them while they are still crunchy. Or you can string them on their own private skewer and grill a little longer.

Here’s a straightforward recipe;

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I’d cook/steam them first.

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Yep. Olive oil does help bring out the “nutty” flavor and prevent the little florets from charring on the grill. I usually put the cauliflower with whole pearl onions (brushed with seasoned oil) on one side of the grill – low flame – and the quicker cooking veggies on the other side – flame off – to cook with indirect heat. They get “done” about the same time and then give the indirect side a quick sear with medium flame.
this is assuming you use a gas grill. If you use charcoal, you can elevate the other veggies on a rack above the cauliflower to get the same effect.

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Cauliflower is great on the grill. I use some EVOO or some Zesty Italian dressing to toss them in first. We like ours crisp/tender so I take them off when I take everything else off (I do broccoli this way, too).

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Brush them with olive oil, and they will be delicious.

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I steamed the florets for a bit, then put all of the veg on wooden skewer. Il ├ętait bon. Tres bon.

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Putting food in boiling water for about a minute is called ‘blanching’. It’s a good idea to blanch thicker vegetables you want to grill before grilling.

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Yes, sunny2 is correct, blanch first the cauliflower before skewing them; it is much easier and they won’t break. Brush with olive oil before grilling and they will taste so yummy.

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