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If you could take any element from a video game and implement it into real life, how would you do so?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) September 13th, 2011

Let’s say, hypothetically, you could take any part of a video game and use it in real life. So, pick a video game, figure out what you would have or use from it and what situation you could use it in.

For example…

Mario Kart:
Anybody who cuts me off in traffic will feel the wrath of my red shell!

Mortal Kombat:
I would use the “finish him” concept on the last bite of my dinner.

What you take from the video game doesn’t nessecarily have to be an object, it could be the environment, a concept, an action, or anything else intangible. Please follow the examples: state the video game and your idea.

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Super Mario Bros.
I wish I could jump into a pipe and teleport to another location when I’m in an embarrassing situation.

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@erichw1504 Lol!

Besides inputting a cheat code for infinite money, I’d love to be able to drive cars as fast as I want and crash while I stay alive and the car receives no damage at all lol.

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Save Points.

I would touch one before a date, and load if the conversation goes awkward suddenly.

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I would find a way to hack into my system and give myself unlimited life & vitality every morning.

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I would use the BFG and threaten anybody who dares to come between me and my family.

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I guess I’d like those medkits or green herbs that heal you back to 100% despite being shot dozens of times or chewed on by a zombie or shark or something.

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I would take the fishing rod and go fishing.

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Legend of Zelda. Hack bushes with sword, find rupees!

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Oh, and the ability to sprint everywhere without tiring. Unlimited ammo too.

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portal gun

go almost anywhere, great for pranks

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Bioshock: Plasmids! I would love to have them! >:D

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I guess with all the yard work I have, being able to dig like Dig Dug would get the job done in seconds rather than hours.

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I’d like to be able to carry hundreds of pounds of equipment like nothing, in nothing. until you go over by even one pound. Then you just stop, unable to move, but once you drop something or eat some of the food you’re carrying, you’re fine.

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Or no matter what is wrong with me, if I sleep at an inn I’m 100% the next day.

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Final Fantasy series.

In most FF games, when you get injured, poisoned or whatever, all you have to do is go sleep at an inn, and when you wake up, you’re cured with full hit points, and any status disorder is removed from your person.

I think it would be pretty cool to be able to get rid of AID’s, or mend a broken arm overnight just by going to sleep.

Also, finding money everytime you slay wildlife. Of course, if that was possible, there would be no animals left…

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@Symbeline I feel hurt you didn’t read the post above yours.

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I did. But it was also my idea when I read the details. What’s the problem?

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Running around dark rooms listening to electronic music and eating pills PacMan

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@Symbeline There isn’t a problem. I was kidding.

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One ups might be nice.

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Getting hit by something, but then being invulnerable while flashing for a few seconds.

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Regenerating health
Doubt I’d use it, but it sure would be convenient.

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I’d commute to work using a Portal Gun.

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If I can, then Extra Lives. If I can’t, then a Portal Gun.

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@cockswain Ah, sorry. I might rely too much on emoticons. XD

I thought of another…

Final Fantasy

In those games, and many other RPG’s, you always walk into peoples’ places like as if that’s normal. Then you have conversations with them, and sometimes loot their shelves.

That would be cool if in real life, we couldn’t get arrested for breaking and entering. You could grab a drink out of someone’s fridge and nab the money they’re saving for their kid’s college fund. And all they’d do is talk to you about how much the government sucks, or how pretty it is outside.

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I should also be allowed to walk out in extreme weather, like snowstorms, heavy rain or inside a volcano while wearing a short skirt, and my hair not fucking up.

Plus, not dying as I do this.

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Quick save + quick load. It’d be really nice to have another shot at that job interview.

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Speaking of Final Fantasy, I would like to have to ability to summon a giant Tiamat that will take my enemy high in the sky and blast him to smithereens. That seems useful.

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@cockswain Yeah. Or have an Odin summon when you want to show off. :D I’d get one of those.

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Speeding up time…It’d be wonderful for waiting in the doctor’s office.

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Or Mech Warrior. It would be beyond cool to be able to commute to work in a giant walking robot tank that you can live in like an RV when you go on vacation . But I think the portal gun would be safer. I’d probably take a mis-step and step on someone’s house in the robot.

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I’d like to be able to perform all the special moves in Street Fighter 2.

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Oh! Oh! I want my theme to play whenever I become visible.

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Impulse 101.
If you do not know what that is, you better kill yourself right now

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