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Are you an adult gamer?

Asked by Hexr (478points) April 11th, 2010

I am an adult gamer and occasionally I get people who react in a strange way at that, as if video games are just for children and teenagers. Which platforms do you use? Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? I love my systems, and I will be playing video games until the arthritis debilitates my joints to uselessness. Do you game with other adults, and what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers (some of them being pottymouthed and annoying)?

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes
Which platforms do you use? PC
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? PC
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Yes
Do you game with other adults? Yes
what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers? If they get annoying, I can mute them.

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I play Dungeons and Dragons. With paper and pencil and people in a room.

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I’ve heard the average age for videogame users is 38. After almost 30 years of playing games, I’m glad to know that I’m finally on the path to putting them down for good. I play one free arena FPS, facebook poker, and a couple of free/cheap iPhone games and that’s it. Less would be better. I look at the latest gen platform games, and I don’t even want to take the time to learn how to play them.

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes.
Which platforms do you use? PC.
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? PC.
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Yes.
Do you game with other adults? No.
What do you think about gaming with children and teenagers? Don’t like it.

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I’m in college and everyone I know here plays video games. We’re adults (though young).

I was also a competitive gamer before college and met a lot of middle-aged men (and one woman) who played regularly. The only thing weird about it is that it signals, in a lot of cases, some potentially backwards priorities.

Knew a guy who played WoW, for example. He had a young kid who played, too. The father was a drunk and unemployed, and one day he got trashed and deleted his kid’s WoW account, and you could actually hear the kid crying in Ventrilo, etc., etc.

In cases like that, yeah, it’s a little weird. But if you’re a responsible adult and you have a job or at least some aspirations beyond obtaining your epic mount or whatever, then it’s fine.

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I play computer games and games on my PS2. I had to sell my PS3 months ago to make rent. Sad panda. :(
I love to play strategic/time management games such as The Sims, The Movies, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc. Which makes me seem like I’m 12 years old, but wuteva.
On my Playstation I usually only play Grand Theft Auto. Preferably, San Andreas. Can’t get enough of it.

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I am a former gamer some of my favorite games are the parasite eve series and tomb raider as well as donkey kong 64 for the nintendo 64.

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Oh I don’t know. I used to play games but I like to think I’m more straightforward than that now. But don’t we all play games? I mean just ‘cause she says she’s not into games doesn’t mean she’s not playing one. My God if i had a dollar for every time I heard that one…I don’t play games.

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I play some games, guess you could say I’m a seasonal gamer, not a full time one. Usually around Fall or Winter time I will get into games online. Once Spring and Summer roll around though I am too busy really to play games, I may play them on occasion during this time of year. My 5 year old keeps me busy enough most of the time and during the warm seasons I’m usually at the beach, scuba, snorkeling, or at the pool.

As far as platforms, I’m strictly PC. I do game with other adults. I don’t mind gaming with the young’ens as long as they don’t get to annoying at which point I will usually find some way to ;eave the “group” “party” or whatever.

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I do some PC and a little console (PS2), but most of my gaming is tabletop (Car Wars and BattleTech) or pen-and-paper RPGs with real dice. You can’t get any more open-ended than GURPS :P

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1. I’m an adult.
2. PC/Wii
3. I’m not dogmatic about the platform – the quality of the game is more important.
4. There’s always a target audience for multi-million dollar games, the consoles less so, although the Wii is clearly aimed at segments of the market that the 360 and PS3 are not.
5. I play with other adults on clan-run dedicated servers.
6. I don’t mind gaming with kids (my boys kick ass at Mariokart!); on the PC games I play, I usually have more of a potty mouth than kids (I don’t play in front of mine, as I play BF2 & BF:BC2, which are a little violent for a 5 year old and I get really involved) I can be annoying too, so if there is someone annoying me, I just kick them from my squad – I’m almost always squad leader.

All people play games, it’s just the medium that’s different.

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes. Physically anyway, hehe.

Which platforms do you use? I used to have a bad ass PC, but it was stolen and it’s a long story, but I do need to build another. Currently I’m rock’n a PS3 and Xbox360 and if I get a beta to SC2 my shitty laptop, lol.

Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? I like both. I like the console and PC style of games.

Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? I do think Wii is more targeted for children although the fit and games a like send positive influence, but other than that, not really. I do think that there are target audience for certain games though.

Do you game with other adults? Yep. I prefer it that way. Children have horrible attitudes about gaming. Well, online games anyway.

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I would be if I let myself. I got seriously adicted to a couple of games, and figured out that if I want to continue making a living and being a productive parent, mate to my wife, and provider, I need to leave the games alone. If I could sit down and play for a brief while then set it aside, that would be dandy. But all previous attempts at that failed. So now no games. :-(

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I’m 18 years old and have been playing video games since I was 5 (of course, when I was around 5 I was just playing a little bit of Sega with my dad, nothing big).
I guess that would make me an adult gamer, and I don’t plan on stopping ever.
My platform of choice is Xbox360, though I’m still fond of PS2 and DS.
I will occasionally game on Xbox live when I’m in the mood.
Recently I’ve been playing Left4Dead 2 on Xbox live.

I think gaming has been aimed at all ages, and it shouldn’t be looked down upon if a 30 year old plays games. It’s just the times we are in, ya know?
A good way to relieve stress and have a good time.

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For most games: Xbox.

But some games like Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, RCT, and The Sims, for example, I play the PC version because they have such complex command interfaces that a console controller just doesn’t work and you need a keyboard and mouse.

I generally don’t play games online, such as shooters, because I’m not a teenager with hyperacrtive reflexes, and I and no sooner do I spawn after getting fragged that I get fragged again immediately, again and again, before I even get my bearings…

I think I’d enjoy some MMORPGs, but I have so few free hours after I get home from work that I don’t want to get sucked into yet another time-eating addiction…

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Am I the only one here who does non-electronic gaming any more?

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes
Which platforms do you use? Tabletop. You know, with other people, and books… you know… those things made from dead trees?
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? I play real games, not mazes designed by Japanese nerds.
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Yes. They’re called “mindless consumers”
Do you game with other adults? Yes.
what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers? I wish more of them had the kind of imagination I remember using when I was a kid. Sadly, they don’t seem to need it anymore, and thus are evolving away from it.

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Are you an adult gamer? No, I’m the annoying teenager that everyone mutes.

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes. I’m 22 and video gaming has always been my favorite past time and probably always will be. I salute you and also identify with you – I’ve gotten the weird reaction before and I also dont think I’m “too old” to play video games.

Which platforms do you use? I play PS3 and some Wii.

Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? Console – I got tired of constantly upgrading my machine, too much $$$.

Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Definitely. I think ages vary with all of the different kinds of games out there but one thing seems to be consistent – gaming is often only marketed to men.

Do you game with other adults? Yup. Mostly with friends my age. I do play online and have even played MMORPG’s before (EQ being my favorite). Made a really good friend one time with a married 42 year old (I was 17 at the time) – though he was mature, we’d talk about our lives in a very open, relaxed, non-judgmental way. Met a lot of cool people this way from all over – I’d say, ironically, although brings people apart from reality (in some opinions/cases), it has the potential to bring people together quite well.

What do you think about gaming with children and teenagers? My last answer kind of shines my perspective on this – I say, why not? As long as the context is just that: gaming.

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I’m not much of a gamer. I play a few Facebook games to pass the time. I bought my wife a ps2 years ago and never warmed up to it or any of the games.

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My brother and I, both adults, play video games as sort of a bonding experience. Besides music (I filled in on guitar in his cover band for a few months, which was fun), video/interactive stimulation is our only common bonding grounds right now. I’ll take it.

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Oh yeah, Xbox live, Gears of war 2 Modern warfare 2 owned,in my pocket you’d be.

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Board games. Especially Settlers or Catan.

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Well, I used to play Spyro the Dragon, and ten years or so ago I beat MYST and it was a real highlight. Now I play Guitar Hero when I have a little time. Does that count?

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Yup, I’m a 31 year old mother of two and I love playing World of Warcraft. Most of my family and friends think I’m a nut for enjoying it, but they deal.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – When I was away at university, I often spent Friday and Saturday nights playing D&D (with pen and paper and maps and the Monster Manual) in the dorm whilst most everyone else was downtown getting drunk. So I know what you mean. Unfortunately, everyone scattered around the continent after graduation, so those days are gone. Besides, give games a chance. Give RPG games like Morrowind or Oblivion or Mass Effect a chance, and you’ll be blown away at the immersion and realism!

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OMG..I have every system going..Lets see i have ps3, ps2, xbox 360, psp, ds , ds i, wii and my laptop is for games.. I love playing alone or multi player.. I can spend hrs upon hrs on my ps3..COD rocks :)

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Are you an adult gamer? Yes
Which platforms do you use? PC
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? PC
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Yes
Do you game with other adults? Yes
what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers? They can be loud and obnoxius, but mostly i’m indifferent.

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I do enjoy the more in-depth RPGs, like the Zelda series and Final Fantasy, though I’ll admit the most recent of both I’ve played is “Twilight Princess” and “FFVIII”. I simply refuse to subscribe to online games. If I have to pay for internet access, pay for a game, and then pay for the privilege of putting the two together, it’s just not worth it to me.

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Anyone who thinks that ’‘adult gamers’’ are odd needs to step into the new century. Adults play games everywhere now. For many it’s very casual, but even female adult gamers like me don’t even stand out anymore.

I play my PS1, PS2, PSP, DS, GameCube and the occasional Snes game. Rpg’s and survival horror, please.

I’m also pretty old school, or at least, pretty end of the nineties old school, especially for RPG’s. Breath of Fire II, Earthbound, Final Fantasy IV and VI, Chrno Trigger…I still play all the new stuff when I can, it’s just really pricey and I don’t have any money right now, but even if I did, somehow I think I’d preffer Shadow Hearts over WoW any day haha.

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27 Year old Gamer
I play on PC/ XBOX360/ PS3/ DS/ Tabletop DND/ Boardgames, etc

I cant say that I have caught any flak for beeing an adult gamer, most people here understand it is just a pastime..

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Yeah. It doesn’t happen in real life, just on the Internet.

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I own a playstation 3, up until recently video games didn’t have blu-ray or dvd players or online features and looked at as juvenile entertainment because of the term GAME which is why parents were so stunned and outraged when games like mortal kombat were released. Now its looked at more of an entertainment system for the family and games have ratings similar to movies which parents SHOULD have payed attention to before they started buying it for their children and started complaining about it. So it may be looked at to target all audiences

Now its a multimillion dollar industry and many adults look to it for profitable investments and business, i really don’t think its strange at all for adults or anyone to own an entertainment system or computer, its all part of the new era i guess.

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I suppose I am an adult gamer, though I don’t really think of myself as being an “adult.”

I used to play a lot of Playstation/Xbox, but a certain MMO stole my attention from that. I mostly play PC now though occasionally I will go over someones house and play their PS3/Xbox360/Wii. And sometimes I like to play my old console games (I own a SNES, PS2 and Xbox).

I have even gotten into tabletop RPGs (sort of). A bunch of guys and a couple girls I know play D&D (or Whitewolf, Pathfinder, etc.) on a weekly basis. All of them except one are over 30. I go over and watch them, but I haven’t participated yet.

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Affirmative. I am an adult gamer and damn proud of it. The rest of those adults just don’t know what they’re missing, but I bet they’ve gamed before and they’re just too bashful to admit it.

I’m a console gamer, mostly. I have some DS’s, PSP, PS3, PS2, Xbox360, Wii, and Atari. I think the game industry is changing drastically. They’re going for the money, so while they’ll continue to develop games for the “hardcore gamer” demographic, there also trying to tap into that wii happy medium of games for everyone. I’m okay with that, as long as there are good games that come out of it.

I don’t really play games online. If I do it’s with close friends who are all adult gamers as well.

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I am a teenage gamer, But most of the time I don’t mind gaming with adults. I am very concerned that teenagers seem annoying to 90% of you. I am always very mature about my gaming and usually make friends nearly every match. I do like gaming with adults who are more focused on the game…. Don’t like talkin bout myself over XBL. I am an Xbox player, but my #1 game played is The Orange Box, more specifically, Team Fortress 2. Now, anyone who says that I am doing it wrong by playing on Xbox, I apologize, I just don’t have the money for a good enough computer. Hahahah, well I can say that I wish I was a PC player.

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@shniernan Don’t worry – we like to play with teenagers as long as they don’t portray themselves in a “zomfg i shud totaly be doin my homework but skool is so borng lollercakes!!!1!” fashion.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Hahahaha, alrighty then. Agreed.

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@schniernan Most of the players in my RPG campaigns were in the 17–20 age group; over a decade younger than me. It isn’t age, but attitude that us older folks get annoyed by, and I’ve had gamers older than me act totally immature to the point of irritation.

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@the_issue_of_age_range Eh, in the spirit of gaming, age range don’t matter. When you get into it, you fucking get into it. Online has more than just trash talkers; it’s got peeps who actually wanna play, and probably don’t even care to know your name. :)

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@Symbeline Most of my gaming is either offline or single-player. I don’t do MMO games, and it’s generally a good thing to know the names of the people you sit at a table with for a few hours every Saturday.

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Wasn’t talking about pen and paper. Those are very different than video games, and I was addressing that issue with online games in mind since it seemed to me that in these last bits here, that subject was involved.

Please don’t go assuming that I don’t know what D&D is. Why are you telling me this as if I don’t know?

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@Symbeline I was just pointing out a difference in response to your previous post, and doing so with a little added detail for the benefit of others reading along who may not know that games existed before consoles came along. Remember, we are not the only two people here.

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I know that, but don’t blame me, you used the @Symbeline so I couldn’t quite help but feel directed at. :p

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Try being a FEMALE gamer and NOT get funny looks or strange comments. Now, I’m not talking about playing “Bejeweled”, or “Mahjong” or any p&$$* games like that. No sir, I’m an actual Gametrix. Been playing for 28 years now (I’m 33). I try to only play with adults when I do any co-op. But I will get the occasional punk kid that thinks just because I’m a woman (and according to them, really really old) that I can’t or shouldn’t play. That is, until I shove a grenade or some projectile where the sun don’t shine and they end up cutting me off cause I just pwned them. But, being a gamer, you expect that once in awhile. You get used to it honestly. So I just laugh and hurl a well placed RPG in their direction. But I digress. So to answer your questions:
Which platforms do you use? PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? Both
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? Yup, Yup
Do you game with other adults, and what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers (some of them being pottymouthed and annoying)? Answered above
-ThE SyKoGrrL HaS SpOkEn

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I think Xbox is aimed more for adults. The games are more mature (by mature I don’t mean AO or R rated or anything, just more entertaining for adults).

I think PS3 is more for kids (though I have a PS3) as the games are targeted for for kids than adults (though PAIN is a blast!).

Wii is a joke. I never bought one. I knew it was a passing fad the moment it came out. What serious gamer wants to stand and wave his/her arms around to play a game?

The PC is the best platform for games, but it can be expensive to keep a gaming rig current and able to play the latest bleeding edge games. I have a decent rig, and I can barely play Mirror’s Edge on it :-(

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@HungryGuy Most of the games for Xbox are the same for the PS3. I think it’s very adult oriented. While I might consider some PSN games to be aimed at a younger level, many of them are all mature and disturbing lol.

I don’t know much about the Wii, but if I base myself on the DS, which I own, the line in between kid oriented and adult oriented is getting extremely blurred. I welcome this. :)

@SyKoGrrL Gametrix. Love that. :)

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Am I an adult gamer?


I prefer reading books, and doing this. I enjoy watching others gaming, but I am the least competitive person in the world… I would never be good at gaming because if I knew it meant something to another person, and I had the skills to beat them, I would let them win which wouldn’t ever serve to prove anything so… I don’t bother.

it just doesn’t suit my personality but I am good at everything I do… so It’s not because I couldn’t win, I just don’t enjoy it quite as much as other people do.

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@GabrielsLamb Gaming doesn’t have to always be about competition. I myself love solo gaming, getting into a world and hanging around in there, whether I’m good or not. Granted, a lot of gaming today is online and with people, but I tend to shy away from that. I don’t like being disturbed by people telling me they need me to get over there and resurrect them. Stay there and die, sucka! XD

I’m always up for some friendly face bashing in Street Fighter though. :)

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@GabrielsLamb Tabletop RPGs are a collaborative story-telling; there are no winners in a conventional sense.

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Am I an adult gamer? Hell yes.
Which platforms do you use? Currently PC, did once have an Xbox 360.
Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer? PC, I do NOT miss an xbox. Their customer support was dire.
Do you think there’s a target audience for each platform? No. I think there’s a target audience for each game, and that’s a different story.
Do you game with other adults, and what do you think about gaming with children and teenagers (some of them being pottymouthed and annoying)?
I remember playing America’s Army 3 with some horrid little POS, and seeing as you can’t mute text, and he was on my team, I just got really mad and blew his head off with my pistol so to speak – and seeing as that sort of thing tends to get you kicked off the server I just went and left anyway. I HATE gaming with kids. They annoy the crap out of me.
That said, adults can be exceptionally unpleasant.
I do like my Brothers In Arms series and I think I lost interest in Medal Of Honor when it started going so typically desert warfare. I liked the Airborne one though. Mass Effect and Mafia and all the rest of it. Love that stuff. Never keen on multiplayer, but yep…gamer til I die. Even if the games are ancient :/

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@lightsourcetrickster One thing I like abput World of Tanks is that the chat box allows you to mute selectively so you can filter out the ass-tards without losing chat entirely.

Oh, and you must play Deus Ex (the original) and Deus Ex:Human Revolution!

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I beat you to that AGES ago @jerv. Played em both, and still got the last one.
And despite chat box muting etc etc, I still don’t think multiplayer gaming is my cup of tea. Unless it’s on a LAN, in which case that’s not so bad.

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