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Is permanent makeup a disastrous idea?

Asked by fizzbanger (2765points) September 13th, 2011

I was looking at a friend’s tattoo site, and saw that one of the guys at his shop does permanent makeup – eyebrows, eyeliner, beauty marks, lip color, etc. Google turned up a lot of places offering to provide this service, but not very much detail involving real-world people getting it done and their experiences (besides old ladies and chemo recipients getting fake brows drawn on, which I think is fabulous. Some of them look pretty real).

Do you know anyone with permanent makeup inked on their face? Did it help them achieve whatever look they wanted, or was it a very expensive beauty blunder?

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A friend of mine did eyeliner about 10 years ago. It didn’t get blue, and it still looks OK. Not something I’d opt for (I want my ink to say something) but she’s happy with it.

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I know a few women that have had it done. Personally, I’m not sure if I’d do it or not. The eyeliner to me looks seriously fake/overdone. Lips and brows on the women I know looks good.

Two of the women I know talk about how much time it’s shaved off from their mornings…so that’d be a bonus.

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Well, I tried the lip color. It is painful and it takes two treatments. The first set didn’t take so I went through it again and it STILL didn’t take. $700 later and I have nothing. I won’t try it again.
My Mother in law got the eyeliner several years ago and it turned blue and I think; looks like a prison tattoo. I would never tell her that though.

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The local tattoo artist offers periodic touch ups for the people he gives permanent makeup, he says if you don’t touch it up sometimes, it will fade. Some people just lose the color faster than others.

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My ex girlfriend did permanent black eyeliner some three years ago and is happy with it.
You can’t see it well, you can, but it ain’t obvious.

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I got to a frequent customers house in the morning one day and she opened the door with her PJ’s on and hair looking like it should in that situation, but her face was really nice and different like almost made up a little and it threw me for a second. STOP IT! Anyway I had to make a comment had to, something like, wow you look pretty good first thing in the morning and ,wow ,again. She then confessed she had the eyes and lip liner done recently so it really tuned her up nicely and she’s in her late 60’s or maybe early 70’s, STOP IT ALREADY!

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I just had it (eyeliner) done two weeks ago.

I normally wouldn’t spend money on something like this, but I won a raffle item at a fundraiser, so I figured “Why not?”. Mine was performed by an MD, in an eye clinic.

The procedure itself was painless (due to tetracaine), and my eyelids were moderately sore the next day, but that was about it. And technically, it’s semi-permanent makeup – it wears off in a year or two.

It’s a subtle effect, but I like it.

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Permanent anything is a bad idea when it comes to your body, unless the original one simply won’t do the job anymore.

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My friend’s mother has permanent makeup and it really does look nice on her. I’ve known her for about seven years and I only learned that it was tattooed on maybe two years ago, and that was only because my friend mentioned it. I guess it’s a fine idea if you think you’ll want that makeup forever, and if it’s done well.

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My mom has her lips, eyes and brows permanently tattooed. My aunt has her eyes and eyebrows permanently tattooed. My grandmother has her eyebrows tattooed (done recently, she’s 75!). Yet all of them look down on my many tattoos, lol. They look fine, it helps them with their beauty obsession, which is really everyone’s problem. You can’t blame women for doing ‘extreme’ things to their bodies when their bodies are the only thing they were told was worth anything.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir , my kids called me, “tattoo face” when I did my lips. I didn’t really like it when they got tattoo’s so they teased me a lot. They (Tattoos) have become so mainstream now that I don’t think it will effect their ability to get a job. (my main worry about them.)
Holy Crap, Glad I caught that. I almost wrote “get a Jon” instead of “get a job.” I hope it wasn’t a freudian slip!!

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Nice! I didn’t realize this was so common with the ladies.

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An aunt and her daughter got eyeliner inked on a decade back. It was subtle and attractive, not like makeup on them, more like when you wash your face and only a residue remains. I’ve seen women come into where I work with more noticeable ink on their lips and brows but only a few where it looked so unnatural as to look “bad”.

It doesn’t bother me that people do this. I know more than a handful of men who get their eyelashes dyed, dye their hair, have hair implants, use Rogaine stuffs, get spray tans, pump up their bodies with steroids and excessive bodybuilding. Unlike some others, I don’t see cosmetic dabblings as a woman’s thing.

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@Neizvestnaya Nope! Nothing wrong with a bit of primping. I like the idea of using ink to shorten one’s daily routine – why not, if you like the way it looks and it saves time.

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No. As long as you did it safe and your confident that you feel more beautiful after doing tattoo make up. There’s nothing wrong with that. By the way, you have to know until what point is good to do permanent make up before doing so…

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I don’t think it’s a disastrous idea, but it’s important to find a professional with good experience who can give you the results you want.

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