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If you could only use one magic button, which would it be?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) September 13th, 2011

You get a visit from the Break-dancing Faerie and her Magical Boombox. Instead of three wishes you get to choose one magic button to use—indefinitely. Meaning you can keep using the button that you choose.

Your choices:
PLAY. Live life as is.
REWIND. Go back in time. Changes future unless you do everything exactly the same.
FORWARD. Skip the painful (and boring) parts.
PAUSE (and UNPAUSE). Take a moment to smell the roses (or take a nap). The rest of the world is on PAUSE. Does not affect the future. No robbing banks.
RECORD. Can relive any moment—as it already exists. No changes to how it already played out. Break-dancing Faerie is old school though. You only get one cassette tape—60 minutes of recording time.

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Pause, because I could run home and do stuff during the day or make it to school on time XD

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EJECT. Untangle the tape that is some situations I want straightened before i put the cassette back in.

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I like to play!

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Rewind, oh yes. So many things I wanted to do differently.

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I wouldn’t want to Rewind, because the risk of changing the future and missing out on things would be terrible… And I wouldn’t want Forward because I believe the pain is just as valuable as the pleasure (pleasure means so much more when you have also experienced the opposite)... Pause sounds grand, but I’d use my 60 minutes worth up in one nap [if I’ve understood your explanation correctly]

Generally I’d be a PLAY girl, going with life as I know it without any extras (cos heck, it’s exciting enough as it is!)... I do like the Record facility you mention though, being able to relive some moments just as it happened would be wonderful… but this might be addictive? And how does the 60 minute element work here?...

So, I guess I better stick with Play :-)

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Actually, yeah, rewind, because I could mess something up, and The Doctor would come to fix it and I could meet him.

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Oh man, I would never unpause.

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@XOIIO But you’d have to redo all the chores once you hit UNPAUSE!

@rebbel I thought about including EJECT, but it seemed so grim.
Thought of it more as saying adios to living. But I like your answer way better.

@harple Nap away! 60 minutes only appplies to RECORD.
(As in, you can only record 60 minutes worth of time.)

@ANef_is_Enuf I’d probably have the same problem!

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Pause or record.

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That’s a tough choice. I hate getting up early to go to work, so I’m tempted to say PAUSE. I’d use it at 8 AM every morning so I can sleep about 4 more hours each day and then un-pause when I get up at my leisure, so it would seem to me like I’m getting up at noon, but I’m still getting up at 8 as far as everyone else is concerned.

There’s a few do-overs I’d like to take care of from my younger days, so I’d also like REWIND. That way, I could make some smarter career/financial choices and retire young so I wouldn’t need to get up early now.

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@Nimis Well thats lame.

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Speeding up time is the last thing I’d want to ever do.

I’d be afraid of missing something.

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Toggle Parent Lock For when you feel like life being anywhere from G to R rated.

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@XOIIO Hahaha…yes, it is.

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The only magic button I push is my wife’s. Any other and I’d be in a world of sh*@!

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Pause, for certain. That’d give you a moment to gather your thoughts so that you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing or sounding awkward.

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Pause. I’m not a morning person at all, but I work a day shift. I need my naps. Lotsa naps.

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Ah man… Record would be awesome… But so would pause…
Pause. Definately pause. I could just go to sleep in school:)

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IIPAUSE for sure. I would use is every day for some “me”-time (to nap, read, listen to music, or just collect my thoughts.

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@cprevite Lol, the II looks like a pause button

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I would do Pause. I would love a break now and then, a break from work, a break to rest, a break to slow down, a break to be late for work.

If I did Rewind, I might not have the beautiful child I have now, so I would not want to risk that happening.


Rewind. I like to re-live my late teens and early 20s again. When you’re young, you don’t appreciate life as much as when you’re older, so I kind of let if fly by me. :(

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Rewind. Definetly rewind.

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If rewind causes you to become young as you go back in time, then rewind.
If you maintain the same age at all times and can have at least one person able to pause with you, pause.

Can I paradox it by taking rewind, then going back to when I first chose, then choosing a different one? If I choose a different one, do I go back to when I was rewinding from, or do I start from the point at which I re-chose? This will give me a headache if I continue these “what ifs?” for too long I’m sure.

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This is a very thought-provoking question for me! Off the cuff, I’d say I’m a Play person—just keep marching forward and take what comes, obviously learning from the past and working toward a future. That said, there are some major milestones that I’d like a second chance at—not sure I have what it takes to do things differently, but the opporutunity to explore that might be nice.

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PAUSE for the sweetest moments.

What I’d really like is a FORGET or ERASE button for persistent negative memories.

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TRACKING to straighten out or re-adjust the moments that seem a little off kilter.

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