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What happens if the US, Canada, and Mexico become a union like the European Union?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) September 19th, 2011

Or, even if the three become one country, I would assume in that case it would be Canada and MX, joining the US?

What happens to the economy short and long term?

Poverty? Jobs? Manufacturing? International affairs?

Do you think there would be massive immigration/movement of the populations?

What else? What would change?

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I do know that Obama would really get the heat for that one lol. You thought they were hard on him now…

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Why would this be likely to happen? I can’t see it. There are no economic benefits for the U.S. or Canada to join Mexico.

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We lower the standard of living in Canada.

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Amexia? Canmexica? Mexeria? Camerico? Amadica? It seems like it would be hard to name…

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@marinelife I didn’t say it was likely. Although, we do have NAFTA. There also seems to be some truth that the bigger a country is the more powerful it can be. It was just something that cam up the other day when my husband and I were talking about various things. He is Mexican. I was thinking immigration from Mexico might actually slow down, because they would be Americans in their own country. The glut of the poor would tax our social systems in America. But, also I thought Mexico would go through a big resistance from the wealthy in MX, I think they would hate the idea. Canadians would move south in large numbers I think.

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That will not be happening anytime soon. The political right in America is Xenophobic when it comes to minorities, people of lower classes, different political ideas…. Mexico is basically a country of what they see as illegals, and Canada is a socialist utopia in their eyes. Those would be insurmountable differences.

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There are documentaries on the market that indicate in the event of global financial meltdown, the one world government would come into effect and North America would be one of the ten zones that would encompass the earth. Bye, bye democracy.

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@smilingheart1 How’s that tinfoil hat working out for you?

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Most Canadians I know would never move to the U.S. We love our country and wouldn’t want to see our values crushed by the behemoth that is the U.S.A.

We should all take a really good look at the E.U. right now to see just how that can go bad.

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@tedd – how’s the 50 watt light from your two liter water bottle?

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@tedd – oh these are the new Phillipine light bulbs for those areas that can no longer afford electricity.

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I don’t consider this very likely, so I think I’ll worry about other things first. (Why would Canadians move south?)

It did remind me, though, of something I read decades ago in an otherwise forgettable futuristic novel: the continent of Africa had applied for statehood and been granted it, thus making the U.S. responsible for solving its problems.

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Depends on how many Ameros per U.S. dollar.

This is why Jeb Bush is a lousy candidate- he is part of GHW bush and GW Bush pushing for this.

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@smilingheart1 uhh… Ok…. I just fail to see the connection. Are you saying I’m going to move to the Philippines?

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@tedd, about the tin hat: “One may wear the hat in the belief that it acts to shield the brain from such influences as electromagnetic fields, or against mind control and/or mind reading; or attempt to limit the transmission of voices directly into the brain.” (Wikipedia).

If that is your meaning about tin hat which honestly had not heard the term before, then the retort was to indicate that our world as we know it IS changing and we may have to redefine some standards…. and the light bulb is both literal and figurative of where we are if we don’t see things shifting quite rapidly. Even Wolf Blitzer is looking around as of yesterday, wondering whether US is losing its super power status. There seems to be a refusal to consider that U.S could lose its dominancy in the global shift.

Many nations on earth are not solvent and for a whole variety of reasons running from greed to natural catastrophe to wild weather aftermaths and industry moving from North America to Asia, India, Brazil. Given everything we see in the news today why is it so hard to recognize that change IS? In the event things cannot perpetuate to keep solvency in most nations, including USA, what are the alternatives to prevent anarchy from taking complete root? Would not some kind of global policing be necessary? Wouldn’t world zones be a likelihood? I hate the thought of it. I love democracy!

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Mexico will need a bailout in five years. It will also request everyone else to invade it in order to get rid of the drug cartels.

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In spite of our weather, I think you’ll find Canadians very patriotic and unwilling to join the US as one country. I agree with @tranquilsea. I personally love Mexico but could any power smooth out their problems??

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Alex Jones devotees will feel vindicated, and therefore I’d have to go on some sort of killing spree. Or at least a bludgeoning spree.

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@JLeslie, but not everyone prefers mild weather. My aged uncle in Ontario, for instance, likes a nice, bracing twenty below. He’s the only one of my Canadian-born father’s generation who was born in the U.S., and as an adult he became a naturalized Canadian citizen. I think he’d rather go back to the Sudan or Borneo than live in the U.S.

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@Jeruba Of course it is true, not everyone prefers mild weather. Having lived in FL I knew a lot of snowbirds in FL though.

@faye I think maybe it would depend how similar life became in the countries if it all became one country. I have a friend from Canada who says they used to talk about the west becoming part of the US and leaving Quebec behind. I was shocked when she said it actually. I do think of Canada as such a nice place, clean cities, great food, I found it odd Canadians would even think about joining up with the US.

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@JLeslie I do remember a group that supported western separation because we all seem fed up with Quebec. Also, America was doing much better then. And you seem to have some intense religious areas. I would believe most Canadians more laid back in their religion but I’m not really up on that. I just think our patriotism wouldn’t let us go there.

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The US would have to bail out Mexico the same way Germany has to bail out Greece.

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That reminds me of this must see video from Australian political satirists, Clarke and Dawe.

If all of these countries are bailing each other out, where does the bail out money cone from?

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