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Which ancient classic do you think is important to keep alive?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30619points) September 19th, 2011

Ancient literature, science, and mathematics are full of great works. A great number of them are taught little.

If you are familiar with any great works from the ancient world, what do you think should have new life breathed into it?

If you’re not a scholar of ancient works, what would you like to study? What do you think of studying ancient literature like The Iliad, ancient science like Aristotle’s Physics, or what about Euclid’s Elements?

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Aristophane’s comedies like Lysistrata and The Frogs still have relevance today.

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The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.

It is a wonderful work, and it connects the current reader to the thinking of a Roman Emperor in a very intimate way.

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I would like to see Romance of the Three Kingdoms brought back as well as The Epic of Gilgamesh

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For me, some of those classics are alive, since my girlfriend is Greek and she is pretty knowledgable on (in?) Greek mythology, art, (classic) literature, poetry, playwrights.
And she tells me about it.
I think (now that I am taught by her) that it is worth to keep them alive definitely.

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The Odyssey. Ulysses’ trip home from the Trojan War, opposing the Gods.

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All of them. If we lose our past, we are condemned to repeat it.

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I was thinking about all of the ancient music, that is still played on original-style instruments, especially stuff from Asia, The Middle East and even Polynesia (thought you might agree with that one). Even newer stuff (not exactly Ancient) but say from Mozart’s time when the instruments were quite different from how they are now, such as certain pieces being written for harpsicords that are now mostly played on pianos, and there are other old-style instruments that are still in use by people that collect those things, as well as in museums.

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The Tao.

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My choice is the Book of Genesis. But I might be a little biased.

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