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You can only distinguish them by their middle initials.

Oompa J. Loompa
Oompa F. Loompa
Oompa S. Loompa

And so on… :P

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I think Oompaloompa is their last name…

Earthgirl's avatar

Maybe it’s Duppity Doo!

CatieDalleLydon's avatar

Well I guess they don’t have names because they are creatures. Or like how babies don’t have names until they are given a name. Oompaloompa’s were never named. So I’d like for one to be Toby.

WestRiverrat's avatar

One of them is named Snooki.

filmfann's avatar

Another is named Bubba.

They must have names. They get paid. How is the check made out?

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I want to name my Oompaloompa Charles Hildonberg. ‘kay?

woodcutter's avatar

What made you think of this?

CatieDalleLydon's avatar


Aren’t they paid in chocolate? They can probably just take what they want from where they want whenever Willy Wonka says they can.

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@AshLeigh… You make me laugh. <3
That’s an amazing name.
@woodcutter… I don’t know. I was bored, in Biology. XD

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@CatieDalleLydon You can’t get a hooker with Chocolate. And, trust me, those guys are gonna have to pay for it.

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how about Apmoolapmoo?

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Oompa loompa, loompity doo,
I’ve got another question for you!

Where the fuck is my freakin last name?
I am not just same damn ani-mal!
You can’t just say all of us are the same!
Give respect, you bloody canni-bal!

’‘cartwheels out of the thread’’

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Oopaloopa’s scare me like hell! >.<; But no, I do not believe they have last names.

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@Faidle I think you are right. It is a double-barrel surname. And they are Irish: O’Ompal-O’Mpa.

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I wonder how they kept the bloodlines straight? Or did it really matter with them? Wait, were there even any female oompa’s? I forget.

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