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What can speak every known language in the world?

Asked by ucme (45421points) September 23rd, 2011

Yeah, just that…..hmmmm!?!

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Television? Radio? Computer? Newspaper? Pencil?

On a side note: I can read, write and speak every European language except Greek. Go ahead and ask.

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A newborn baby.

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@CWOTUS Δεν μπορείτε να διαβάζω ελληνικά;

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OK, translate the last sentence of your post into German. Flawlessly.

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The Internet…

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Okay, time to fess up! The answer I was looking for was in fact an echo!
Perfectly valid answers given though it has to be said…...wrong as they were ;¬}

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@rebbel & @ragingloli

It’s Greek to me.

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@rebbel: Διάβασα αλλά μην κάνει καταλαβαίνουν.

(Where’s @blondsjon when I need him?)

@Ucme; A charming riddle that I am going to send to my 7-year-old great nephew.

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^^Laced with sarcasm but hey, i’ll take it!

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@gailcalled Isn’t that a bit contradictory? :-)

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@rebbel: You noticed?

@ucme; I never use sarcasm. I meant that as it reads. No irony intended either.

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None— there are too many modes of communication for one vehicle to be able to express all the languages in the world. Some languages are sound based, some are visual based, some use clicks and breathing, not all are written. C3PO would be a close match, except he wouldn’t fail so bad at all the sign languages.
@CWOTUS—does that mean you can use French Sign Language, British Sign Language, Swedish Sign Language, etc too??? The international linguistics associations recognize them as legitimate langauges distinct and separate from their spoken counterparts.
Is this an actual question or a riddle?

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It’s all Greek to me, @linguaphile.

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Fuckin, that gold robot from Star Wars man!

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Cash, ducats, bananas, dinero, chedder, snaps, end, greenbacks, clams, fetta, paper, MONEY, known everywhere, rejected nowhere.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You need to sing the money song from Pete’s Dragon.

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^ ^ is ga…

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