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How infrequently do you get an apology from your children, and have you ever gotten one in writing?

Asked by zensky (13367points) September 30th, 2011

Email and text count.

How amazing is that when they actually own up to something and use the words “I’m sorry.”

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As you know Mr Zensky, I am waiting for one right now!

My daughters will apologise when they realise they have made a mistake or done something thoughtless. It doesn’t happen often and I would hope that it wouldn’t need to. I did get a written apology from my youngest child when she made a major mistake.

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Whenever they have just cause to, sometimes through gritted teeth but that’s good enough for me.
The need to have one in writing has yet to surface. I prefer one on one action anyway, far more intimate.

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I apologize to my mother whenever I feel I did something wrong, but I don’t say “I’m sorry” when I feel that I’m not responsible for a certain mistake. I did actually apologize in a letter when the situation was a little bit awkward and she answered me in a text message, it was nice and we were good after that :D

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All the time! Probably too often, in fact. Some of my kids seems to have inherited the “entirely unnecessary apology” gene from me. I think I’ve only gotten one or two written apologies, when they were quite young.

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My ten year old often makes a card to say sorry. She’s got the four year old doing it too. I think all my apologies will be written ones. We saw a kids tv programme about saying sorry and the pair of them turned into two little goody two shoes quoting the main message – feel sorry , say sorry and do something that shows you are sorry. Doesn’t stop them transgressing in the first place.

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It’s very common in my family for members to apologize when they make a mistake.

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When I break up a fight, when they are done crying, they say “I’m sorry” and give hugs to whoever they upset.

My children, objectively, and after empirical testing, are the nicest people on the planet.

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Once a neighbor handed us a folded note of apology from her child who urinated on our yard’s flower pots. When I opened it, it said, “Fuck You!”

When the neighbor realized the switch, she took our note from her husband.

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Often enough. None in writing.

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they’re too young to willingly want to apologize. i must teach them to do so and i do.

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Daily…Sometimes several times per day. Not in writing yet, however he has made drawings for me to “make up” for something he’s done.

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My kids apologize to me now that they have kids of their own! LOL!

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My kids are all grown. In the past I have required them to make written apologies to myself or other people. They apologize to me whenever it’s appropriate now.

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@snowberry nice. Now wait for grandkids and teach them the same ^^

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