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Do you think the auto insurance companies love snow as much as many people do?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) September 30th, 2011

It amazes me that some people are salivating at the lips because snow and ice will soon be here. I don’t care how hot it gets I will never have to worry about this. How well do you think the auto insurance companies love that sort of weather? Many who love weather like that, will they love it after their rates go up because they had crashes in ways they never would have had if they had been in locations that didn’t have no dang snow? Surely there is ice and snow on the ground they should have stayed home. Do they really think their insurance are not going to place part of the blame on the driver?

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I love snow but I also know how to drive in it. I am pretty certain that insurance companies do not like snow as much as I do. And were I to have a snow or ice related accident, that would be it. Would I get an attitude about it? No. But it’s not like all of us have a choice about driving in winter conditions. Are we supposed to stay home for weeks at a time? Not go to work or to school or to the grocery store? Am I supposed to hate snow because my insurance company hates snow?

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I pretty much hate snow, myself. But if you live in a part of the country that gets a winter, you do have to deal with it. There is no way in hell everyone can stay home just because of a little snow or ice. When it’s very bad, yes, we should, but most of the time… people have to work, kids have to go to school, and groceries must be bought.

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Insurance Companies don’t want to ever pay a claim. They’d rather take a lower premium than have to deal with getting a car fixed. They’d prefer it if roads were always smooth and dry and with little traffic.

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“I love snow but I also know how to drive in it.”

Do you use tire chains or studded snow tires?

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We can have snow and ice from October to April where I live. After driving here for 11 years I am of the opinion that everyone should have a junker of a car that they won’t care if it gets knocked by another car.

I’ve never had an accident here (that was my fault). I drive slower, leave tons of room between my vehicle and the one in front of me and I ride on snow/ice tires. It is always the 4×4 that roars by me that I see in ditch.

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LMAO @ the video.
What do you think these ppl are thinking? “Kids the roads are icy let’s go down the street with the biggest hill!”

I live in a area when winter comes so does the snow, we don’t usually get icy. But I don’t go out when it’s bad. The first year I started driving it was snowy I was on my side of the road going slow around a bend and some guy came around the bend at a high speed and did a 360 right in front of me I stopped my car and gripped the wheel waiting for impact and we landed nose to nose literally, it was like stunt in a movie!

I think the insurance companies hate this weather, I’m sure they make much more money when they do not have to pay anyone for anything. Less work I think in the not snowy months.

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@lillycoyote I love snow but I also know how to drive in it. Well, why didn’t you say so? All we have to do is keep those transplanted rookie cops, and tourist off the streets and there would be no slipping cars. All it takes is a life time of driving in such weather to defeat nature. I will stick with dray and very sunny though. ;-P

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