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What is your life sponsored by?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) September 30th, 2011

If your life could be sponsored by something, what would it be? It could be anything from a product to a service to a person… anything! So, state what your life is sponsored by and explain why.

For example:
My life is sponsored by the Crash Test Dummies. I can’t drive worth shit!

It doesn’t have to encompass your entire life, could just be a part of you and your experiences or personality.

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My life is sponsored by Mountain Dew. “A dew a day, keeps my mind at bay!”

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My life is sponsored by equality. Because there’s more to life than oligarchy and record profits!

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My life is sponsored by God, and I will be well looked after… :)

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Patagonia. I love their clothes, and they focus on a lot of activities that I’ve participated in at one time or another.

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My life is sponsored by entropy.

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My life is sponsored by Education, because without it I would not be able to do the job I do, and without it, the job I do would not exist!

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My life is sponsored by books: I read them, I teach them and I look things up in them in my work as a librarian.

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Glory, The Emperor and an eternal hatred for Orks

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Procrastination, because why not do it tomorrow?

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Me, because I’m just that awesome.

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The Pocket Calculator Manufacturing Syndicate is pleased to be a sponsor for blueroses. please continue to drop, break and buy replacements. We love loyal customers like you.

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Intuition and Nutella. @Simone_De_Beauvoir I think you dropped some on yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll get it…

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My life is sponsored by car keys and plastic bags and I’m danged unproud of it.

(I am either looking for my keys or toting something somewhere in plastic bags)

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Sponsored by cunning plans and strangeness.

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@erichw1504 , P.S that was a real Mazinger88 type question.

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Music, because I would not be anything without it.

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My life is sponsored by aggressive Enlightenment empiricists, because there’s a very strong chance you’re talking bollocks.

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My life is sponsored by sweat….and dirt.

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My life is sponsored by inquisitiveness.

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My life is sponsored by Vietnamese pho restaurants.

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Goals and projects, of course.

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My life is sponsored by Science Diet, Nutrina feeds, Mallard Creek pine shavings, Suburban Propane, Budget Travel and Betty Crocker Happy Brownie mix. ;-D

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My life is sponsored by fairtrade decaffeinated coffee, the letters B and J and the number 69.

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Hi. I’m tinyfaery Brought to you by Converse and massive amounts of sugar.

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My life is sponsored by the Department of Defense. I’ve been protecting democracy for 23 years now and I’m still going strong.

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The letter “J”.

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So many nice things begin with “j”

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My life is sponsored by long nights, beneath the stars, singing to myself.
My life is sponsored by the smiles of my best friends.
My life is sponsored by the way Gage laughs out of pitty, when I’m not being funny…
My life is sponsored by my brothers music, and the way he loves me no matter how bad I screw up…
My life is sponsored by love… Always love. <3

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I’m geeky_mama – powered entirely by Beta Blockers and Paradise┬« Iced Tea

If I had a Nascar’d be Sara Lee Food Service & Novartis

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This post brought to you by the element oxygen—try breathing without it.

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I forgot to mention I am also sponsored by Jackass Cruiselines.
Yep, the donkeys next door just laid on the foghorns.

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Filmfann’s Life, brought to you by Irony.


Sponsored by the manufacturers of Speedos, because I wear them all the time when I swim. It’s my second skin.

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Again with those damn speedos.


@woodcutter Ok, my shiny black men’s leather dress shoes then. Sponsored by my favorite men’s shoemakers “Tansmith”. Satisfied? Lol.

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My life is sponsored by The End of the World, located in Qu├ębec.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Don’t go changin’ trying to please me…we love just the way you areeee!

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@Symbeline Ever been to Sherbrooke?

Berserker's avatar

Nah, but I’d hit it.

woodcutter's avatar

Ha! No ,Sherbrooke, the city, in Quebec. LOL.

Berserker's avatar

I know. Haven’t been to it lol.

woodcutter's avatar

Do the Cops there still look like nutcrackers? I was there when I was 4, maybe. It’s all I remember about the place,I was 4.

Berserker's avatar

I wasn’t here when I was four. I denno lol.

Also wtf, nutcrackers? You mean that Xmas bogeyman?

woodcutter's avatar

That sucked…yeah the soldier looking dudes wit the mouths…and tall furry hats.

Berserker's avatar

Yeah, those are either situated in England or in a Metallica music video. XD

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Coulda sworn they were there. I’m not really sure if my parents did heavy drugs before I came but dammit thats what I saw. I was 4.

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My life is sponsored by the family I wasn’t born into, but accepted into.
My life is sponsored by the chainsaw symphony that makes the most out of the things I have done.
My life is sponsored by Valley Pathways Alternative High school. Long name. 72% weird people..
My life is sponsored by the fact that I never run out of things to put in here…
My life is sponsored by the simple things, the complicated things, and most of all the things that only make sense inside my head. ;)

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scuse me but did you say chainsaw?

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@woodcutter Well, maybe. But I was 21 when I got here. Bit less than ten years ago, give or take. They all look like normal cops to me lol.

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@woodcutter… Long story… 72% hot dudes. ;)

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@AshLeigh 72%, that sounds really…exact.

@Symbeline I’m trying to google stuff from that time period now, 1964 , getting nothing but ya the cops look quite ordinary now.

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@woodcutter I calculated. ;)

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@woodcutter Let me know if you find something. I’m interested, as I thought that this cop thing was strictly a UK thing.

But yeah, Canada still has the queen on its coins, so it’s entirely possible. XD

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My dad because “daddy, can I borrow a tenner for fuel?” is my middle name so my dad says!

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@Symbeline Sherbrooke is a tourist town I think so maybe the guy I saw was a put-on. Somewhere there exists an old 8mm silent home movie with that guy standing next to a building with me sitting on the steps playing with a small toy car. Man, I’m in an 8mm film clip, YABBA DABBA DOOOOO!

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St. Cerebellums Asylum for the Totaly Unhinged and Neurotic
Est. 1912

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my life is sponsored by love love love

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“My life is sponsored by Mountain Dew. A dew a day, keeps my mind at bay!”
That’s gonna stay with me for a long time.

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49% Holiday cigarettes 51% South Australian health

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