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Experiences with ghosts or spirits? Real or not?

Asked by Gingerlaurie (364points) September 30th, 2011

Please tell me of your experiences with “ghosts”....were you previously a non-believer but now believe? Were there any witnesses to what you experienced?

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None lately… That I know of but that being said, they may very well be incognito?

Damn ghosts, they’re so… Ghosty.

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I have never seen a ghost, but I sure have had experience with demons.

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I don’t believe in ghosts, demons, spirits, etc etc… so any spooky experience I’ve ever had I’ve chalked up to my mind playing tricks on me.

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This response is for entertainment, as I am neither for nor against ghosts or the people who believe in them.

My former house, in which I, my husband and my daughter lived for 17 years, was occupied by what we termed a friendly ghost. We never saw “him” face-on, yet we all agreed it was a masculine energy. He was always seen as movement just disappearing around a corner, or just rushing up the stairs, or just an image floating away from a mirror. He’d often open cabinets at night. He was a prankster. Oddly, I miss him.

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@smilingheart1, I’ve often wondered if the folks who bought the house from us ever experienced Mr. Prankster. I can tell you that we didn’t disclose our little Casper when the house was on the market ;-)

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@smilingheart1 I dated a few… It wasn’t so much scary as it was anticlimactic.

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@picante , your experience totally towers over those paranormal monitoring TV shows! They always have to get in the dark and monitor on a device some static. Your story is exactly the way the old timers talked. I haven’t heard anyone explain what it is like in those kind of terms since I was a child.

Apparently the Winchester House is all about this kind of thing, and Mrs Winchester was always having project work done around the place to board them off….as if….

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There is none. And if you can empirically prove there is such, you can win a million dollars.

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“Demons… we don need no steeenking demons!”

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I always have had some level of belief, but became a true believer a few years ago. My Gramma, my Mom, my two girls and myself were driving on the highway. Gramma’s in the front with me. All of a sudden, the interior lights came on. Then off. Then on, and became extremely bright, then off. Then started flashing off and on, etc. We were laughing, thinking there must have been a short somewhere. Next thing you know, my powerlock started going up and down. Then my Gramma’s, then the back seat where my Mom and girls were sitting. Then the lights started flashing again, SO bright, all of the power locks were going up down, up down. I cannot explain to you how LOUD this was. The whole while, my 89 year old Gramma was sitting in the front, just staring straight ahead, smiling. My girls were starting to whimper a bit, they were getting scared, my Mom, whos was a strong non-believer, was wide-eyed…then all of a sudden, my Gramma says, “OK, Harry, that’s enough. You’re starting to scare the girls. Yes, we will be careful driving.”. At that point I almost went off the road! She said my Grandpa, Harry, was wanting us to know to drive safely, as there were four generations in the car. (FYI, we went to the dealership and asked specifically if this could happen (lights/locks) in this car, were they connected? Absolutely not, they said. Even did an inspection…it was all good.). =)

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I’ve had some wacked experiences in my office. It’s either the buildings guys screwing around or some serious ghosts.

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I’ve never experienced a ghostly encounter, unless you count waking the wife at 4 in the morning…..not a good look dear!! I do kind of believe in spirits though, against my better judgement but there you go.

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Complete fiction, and we do harm to ourselves by pretending otherwise.

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I was setting in the office one night, there’s normally one security guy. I heard stomps on the floor in the hallway above me. That floor is vacant. I cranked the AC/DC up a notch.

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I have seen ghosts twice in my life. Once was the apparition of what I can only describe as a military uniform from the 19th century or before. It hovered by my bed and then left by floating through the wall.

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I kind of always believed for the sake of other people but didn’t think I’d ever see anything in my own life. When my grandfather died, I wanted so bad to be able to see something of him. Almost a year later I was reading in my bedroom and was distracted to look up and against the wall of closed closet doors stood my grandfather, real as life but only for a few seconds and then he “faded”. I screamed so loud and adrenaline shot through my body to make me ache. It’s my screaming that made the image wisp apart. I was so scared and also sad I’d not been brave enough to just look.

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I have only second hand experience. A family member and her partner are ghost busters. They rid homes of ghosts. I, being a non-believer, but not wanting to shut off the discussion, asked questions. ” When you’ve finished what you do, how do you know the ghosts are gone?”
“The people who hired us don’t have the experiences they were having before they called us.”“How do you make them leave?” “Well, most of them want to go, but they are stuck between here and the afterlife.” “Do you talk to them?” “Yes, we reason with them. We tell them what a nuisance they are being. They usually agree to go.”
This all astonishes me but I take it in stride. They were hired more than once to do this. Or else they’re making it all up, but they seem like serious people and are not prone to making things up. One of them is a shaman and studied with an Indian priest in Mexico.

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I don’t believe in ghost but I believe in spirits. So what someone points out to be a ghost can be a spirit for me. I hope I’m clear.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yup AC/DC always makes things better. Ghost or no ghost!


Sometimes when I’m alone in my house, and I’m downstairs, I hear what sounds like someone walking around upstairs (the pressure of footsteps), or the sound of someone “present”. But there’s no one home except me. Is that a ghostly encounter? Yikes.

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I’ve had some weird things happen to me that I did think, at the time, were something to do with the paranormal. I’ve never believed in stuff like that though, but it is odd how like, when faced with something frightening or that you can’t understand, you start believing really fast lol.
However, two out of three experiences I’m pretty sure I got to the bottom of. (later) The one I can’t figure out prolly has an explanation too. So I’ll say no…but only as far as I can tell.

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I have a photo of me, taken in the dark by a friend which appears to show some kind of apparition looking over my left shoulder…. I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me, no idea what’s going on??… trick of the light maybe :-/ it looks quite eerie…..

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