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Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 22nd, 2008

Just thought it would be interesting to share.

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I’ve had an experience which I would like to think
could be explained as a hypnagogia hallucination.

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No, but I’ve been watching Fringe lately, and I’m kind of letting my imagination get the better of me.

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Haha Fringe is a great show. I just started watching it.

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Yeah, I’ve had a few. These experiences got me into paranormal investigation.

The one that convinced me was when I got touched. I was a teacher’s aide at a preschool and we were doing a spring cleaning day with the parents. I was standing in the middle of the room, leaning over a bookcase, no one or nothing around in my immediate area.

There was a little boy wandering around, so when I felt fingers brush across the back of my leg, I turned my head to look, expecting to see him. There was no one there, and realizing this, I looked around in alarm. The little boy was across the room and there was no one around me.

I later asked a teacher if the place was haunted and she said that it was supposed to be. That, amazingly enough, it had been built on a Native American burial ground – they found human remains when expanding the back playground fence a couple of earlier, had to stop digging, and bring in an archaeologist and anthropologist.


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Well, I don’t know whether they actually were or not, but I have had several experiences that seemed unusual to me.

After our first cat died, both my husband I experienced seeing him soon afterwards. I saw him walk around a corner clear as day, but when I got there and turned the corner he was, of course, gone.

Very soon after my sister died, I had a very compelling dream one night. It was completely different from regular dreams in that it was in color and extremely vivid and had full sensory experience. In the dream, my sister appeared and greeted us smiling. Then she turned and began walking away. I called out to her, “Sue, how are you feeling?” and she looked over her shoulder and called out “Great.” Then she kept walking and as she stepped she stepped into the sky. The feelings involved were intense. Very warm, loving and reassuring. I felt completely sure that she was not in pain (She had died from a very painful condition and had been living with constant, intense pain for years.) and that she was happy again.

Also, I have several times felt antipathy to a place that becomes so strong I have to leave. Once when I experienced this at a potential house, we later learned that the housing development was on a former native american burial ground.

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When I was a child (I dont know why I can’t do this anymore) I used to be able to see disasters. Like 9/11, earthquakes, and so on. I would feel sick and dizzy. Now it seems as if I’ve lost the ability.

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Wait, are you saying you foresaw 9/11?

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No no sorry. I would see pictures of it happening live.

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I would see mental images of it right when it would happen then feel sick.

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How do you know the events were actually transpiring?
That kind of sounds like a stretch, dude.

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& for the record, I live in Alton, Illinois, one of the most haunted places in the US.
My mom told me a pretty cool story though.
She said she lived in this old house downtown, and that she would always picture this particular woman cooking in the kitched. She had a specific dress and hair-do and everything. One day my mom was walking down the stairs and a purse fell down from a shelf above her. She thought it was particularly weird since she had never seen the purse there before, but inside it was a picture of the same woman my mom had imagined.
And I have tonss of stories I’ve heard from my parents and uncles. Probably 50% of the places downtown are haunted.
I’ll talk to my mom and see if I can get any other cool stories.

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a white lady in the back of my car on my way home on this stretch of road known for its cars going off the side of a cliff.

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@Nimis There really isn’t a good way of putting it but you just feel it. You feel as if it were happening.

@generalspecific I look forward to it.

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@PIXEL, do you mean you saw it AS it was happening? Or before?

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@MrMontpetit “I would see mental images of it right when it would happen.” AS.

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Just found out, in that aforementioned house that my mom lived in, there’s another exciting ghost story. She said they had a chest with a big indian blanket folded up on top of it. One morning my mom was the first to wake up, and the blanket was in the toilet. Haha.. she said they never found out what that was about.

She also took this picture of a barn which she swears has someone standing in the doorway. Photobucket is slow so I dunno if it’s cropped yet, but here’s a closeup.

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@generalspecific Freaky.. I do see someone.

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Welcome to my 152 year-old farmhouse. My three-year old son Jackson is asking my husband “Who keeps saying that, Daddy?” “Listen! Someone is whispering Jacky in my ear…” This is followed a week or so later by him shouting while playing in the dining room with whom we assumed was an imaginary friend. He shouted “My NAME is JACKSON!”. This is what kicked off our research into hauntings. Oh boy. Ghosts talking to my baby.

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I have a friend who swears that one night, while driving somewhere in Ohio, that he saw this young girl wearing wet clothes, walking in her bare feet alongside the road. She appeared dazed and confused, so he offered to give her a ride, and she got in the back seat of his car and mumbled some address to him, that wasn’t too far away.

My buddy drove her over there and when he was parked outside, he turned to the back seat to ask, “Is this your house?” but she was no longer there. All that was left on the back seat of his car, was her wet sweater.

My buddy grabbed the sweater, and even though it was after 10 PM, he went up to the house anyway, and knocked on the door. An elderly man answered, saw the sweater and said, “You picked her up too, right?”

He was then told that the girl who had ridden in my buddy’s car had drowned in a lake, over 20 years ago, but her ghost still wants to be “taken home,” and every so often, someone will give her a ride, not knowing who she is.

My buddy offered to buy the sweater for $20 from her father but he just smiled and said, “It will disappear, before morning.”

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I woke up and saw my husband’s grandfather sitting on my husband’s side of the bed one night. I had never seen a picture of my husband’s grandfather and have never been told what he looked like. For some reason, I knew it was him. We went to visit my husband’s mother the next day and I told her about it. I described the man to her and then she went a found a photo she had stashed away. He looked very similar to the man I saw the night before. My husband and his mother think I was dreaming the whole thing but I don’t know how I could have dreamt about someone I had never seen before yet I knew who he was and the photo the next day confirmed it.

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One night, when I was spending the night at my friend’s house, I swear I saw a ghost. I was walking out of her room to the bathroom at the end if the hall and when I stepped into the hall a white light, shaped like a person, came floating toward me. I froze. As soon as the apparition was in front of me, it disintigrated into the ground. I spent the night in my friend’s bed (not like that).

My friend says that during the 1987 earthquake, someone pushed her into that same hallway, from the kitchen. No one else was home.

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@JackAdams: that’s awesome! I hope it all is true.

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This one time, I was 8, and I thought I saw bigfoot in my backyard. That was pretty scary.

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@generalspecific: I honestly don’t know if it is a true story, but I believe it is true, because I believe my friend, who told it to me.

He is not known to lie about things like that. (Except when he is trying to get laid.)

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I think he was trying to get into your pants, Jack.

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No, not at all.

He already tried, and got his face slapped.

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@JackAdams That is an old, old urban legend.

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I have had 2 particularly interesting precognitions, both involving relationships. Each one having to do with the end of each relationship in a dream the previous night, each one being an analogue of the actual event. Shocking!

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@Marina: You are right. It is also an event that happened to my friend, unless he’s a bloody liar.

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@JA peace. I would not be the one to call him so.

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@Marina: Oh you could, if you wanted to.

He doesn’t hit women anymore.

At least he hasn’t, for the past 7 weeks, anyway…

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When I was younger, living in St. Louis, Mo., my family lived in the oldest house in our neighborhood. When I was about 8, or 9, I would wake up in the middle of the night to see a man in a hat staring into my room. I would freak out, and start yelling, but he seemed like he couldn’t hear me. Later on, my sister, mom, and cousin all said they saw him also when sleeping in my room. A few years later, after seeing him off and on, we were planning on moving, and wanted to see the records of the house. When we saw the old pictures, I noticed the man in one of the pictures wearing the same clothes and hat I had seen him in. Turns out we lived in the house of the man who owned all the land around our neighborhood.

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I knew you were going to ask that question! Amazing!

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sure have!! there was a ghost figure in the window of the old house we used to rent. and we always hear him flick his lighter. and the little girl that was killed there in a fire, she would always go up and done the stairs at all times of the night and day.

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oh and another one was when i was about 10. my great aunt had passed way and she left me some of her rings. one was a spoon ring. I had taken it off (which I had never done since she passed) i set it on the window sill . went to bed and then later on that night i woke to find my aunt standing in the doorway of my room. I screamed for my mom and she came in and as i was telling her what happened , all of a sudden my shade went up where the ring was. I was totally freaked and never put the ring back on again.

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nope, I have seen things I cannot explain, and felt things I cannot describe, but I have no belief in the paranormal at all. I am a skeptic and would rather decide on something being of natural origin than to let my imagination run wild with tales of ghosts, spirits, or other unprovable things.

All stories of ghosts are anecdotal evidence and prove nothing, except that people like to believe in weird things, and that it somehow gives them joy to share those beliefs.

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Yes because my house was buried on an old grave site and there is a grave yard across the street from us. One time last summer we were sitting on the fence outside at about midnight and we heard something moving around in the leaves and then we saw something white move behind the car so we got an ax and circle and nothing was there.
Another time when we were outside again at around 1 in the morning it was near Christmas time so we had a generator outside that all of the lights and decorations were coming off of and it was unplugged but then out of nowhere it just turned on and we even looked at the plug and it was not plugged in.
In my grandparents room a ghost used to slam their bedroom door at all hours so we had to nail the door open.
So yea thats only a few of my experiences there is a lot more!

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And another one is when my cousins daddy died we started feeling his presence. *Everyday at exactly noon he would call asking my aunt to take him to town so after he died the smoke detector would go off everyday at exactly noon.
*We found his stuff around the house.
*Like every other night the vacuum cleaner would turn on right beside us because we would sleep on pallets on the floor.
*Once we were just sitting in the kitchen and on the table right beside me a spoon that was far from the edge fell onto the floor.
*We could see and hear him.
*At night the barstools would rattle.

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Being an open minded person I still have to bring up my doubt about the hitchiker with the wet girl thing.

A very similar story was done on record by an old country artist named Red Sevine. I remember hearing that record when I was only eight-years-old, and thought it was so neat. Even kind of hoping it could be true some how.

However, I knew my sister and dad didn’t believe it way back then by the way they reacted to it. One laughed the other smiled.

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I’m still trying to remove the implant.

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I have had so many. But the most haunted house I have ever been to was a house my parents bought in the desert. I went to visit them, and as soon as I walked in I could feel a horrendous presence. I asked my mom and she said she had waited for me to arrive to see if I picked it up. Loads happened there. Like chairs flying around the room, not in front of us, but making the noise at night, then us finding the room in a disarray My mom and I are both psychic. Well were, my mom is now dead. She has never appeared to me.

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