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Is there something you know that nobody else knows?

Asked by HungryGuy (16039points) October 1st, 2011

Could be anything: a scientific fact, the nature of God, a detail of history, etc.

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the location of Atlantis, and my passwords

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How much little cash I have stashed in my secret hiding place.

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I know my deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears.
I know every wish I’ve ever made.

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That God is Irish at heart

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If I told you I wouldn’t be the only one to know…

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My secret hiding place is my panty drawer. I’ll never tell.

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Where I keep some very, very important things.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@chyna mine is my panty drawer too. cool.

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How much I can bench press.

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If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

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That invisible elephants aren’t an endangered species. They just gone silent butt deadly.

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I know several things that no one else knows….... but the secrets are safe with me.

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“People who are legitimately happy, don’t feel a need to make such a big show out of it.”

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I know about some neat little hiding spots and places to forage. A few others know about them, but not many.

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I have more than 11 moles all around my….hee heee… : )

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Just things about myself.

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Yes, but like others, all of it is only about myself. If it pertained to others, then obviously, at least two of us would know. As a mentor once told me, “If you tell a secret to another person, it is no longer a secret.” Mine are banal; the juicy stuff is already out there. Comparing my secrets to yours, it equates to taking a Tylenol PM versus Extasty.

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I know how the UPS guy can steal my Amazon purchase without getting caught.

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I was gonna say some answer, but then @lillycoyote just had to come and be God.

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LOL @Symbeline Somebody had to get there first! This time it was me. :-)

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@lillycoyote And you deserved it. :) Next time though, s’gonna be me. :D

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@Symbeline O.K. On your mark… get set… go! :-)


My innermost darkest fantasies.

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@lillycoyote Er…I see dead people? XD

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Good one @Symbeline! but now we all know it ; )

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Yeah but it’s not like anyone ever doubted it to begin with. XD

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That answers saying ‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you’ or ‘If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret any more’ or ‘If I told you, I wouldn’t be the only one to know’ are just getting started.

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Klingons are this very moment gathering on Uranus, i’d rush to the toilet if I were you!!

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^ ^ ^ something i personally did not need to know lol : (

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^^ Not a fan of Star Trek eh? Me neither.

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LMAO….. I didn’t connect the dots the first time : ( Probably because my kids correct me every time I pronounce it Ur-anis and giggle!

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I know the first thing you know.

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^The first thing you know is Old Jed’s a millionaire.

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I know that I don’t know. Y’know?

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Quantum conundrum: there is no now in know.

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If I told you what I know I wouldn’t be the only one who knows it.

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I know for certain:

Who really killed JFK
An immediate solution to global warming
Where the mafia buried Hoffa
The combination to my locker at the gym

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