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Have you ever gone into chat looking for someone but happy to just see ANYONE?

Asked by Dog (25152points) October 1st, 2011

For example… I think I might have done something incredibly stupid and toasted a web site that was a place some friends hung out.

So tonight I wondered, if I hung out in FLUTHER CHAT, if anyone would show up. And maybe if others showed up even MORE people would show up.

Well? :D

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If I’d known, I’d have joined you earlier. But it’s late and I’m going to take a shower and head to bed in a moment…

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Yep! I actually got familiar with a few jellies I admired as a result of doing that. It’s a stellar time, actually.

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Well, I went to entered a chat room and everyone left. What was up with that? :D
All I said was Helloooo

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Yeah- that happens to me too. It is like they all drop dead after I arrive. ~ (checks breath)

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I’ve only been to chat once. It looked like there were two people there but no amount of “helloooooing” got a response. So I whistled a tune, told a couple of dirty jokes and left. I don’t usually have any luck with chat.

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Oh come back! We want to hear the dirty jokes!

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Whenever I check in there, it’s as dead as a thousand zombie asses. If it’s active, it’s because someone invited me in through PM.

I wish more people would invite me to join them.


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To be honest, I really don’t like chat; for a number of reasons. I’m not good at it, I’m slow and kind of long winded and by the time I’ve typed out a comment the subject seems to have changed and when I go into chat, I feel invisible. People always seem to be talking around me, beside, over me, behind me, on top of me, but never to me. I just don’t like it, sorry.

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I read @Dog‘s message and went to chat and also met some lovely jellies ‘in person’ that I haven’t chatted with before. It was lovely.

I understand @lillycoyote, it is very different with lots of streams of conversation happening at the same time. It is easy to get lost.

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When I first joined in ‘08, there were lots of people in chat and the people I met in there were the deciding factor of me staying on. Every now and then if I’ve popped in, I don’t see anyone at all or else the people who are logged in are idle/away from the chatroom or the people there don’t acknowledge so I just pop out. I suspect some of the people I used to recognize have changed account names and I have no idea who they are now, if they still frequent the site. @Dog I remember :)

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