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What's for dinner tonight? (3 Oct 2011)

Asked by Seek (34805points) October 3rd, 2011

I’ve been cooking a pot roast for 25 hours so far. You can smell my apartment from the street.

Got anything special going? Care to share the recipe?

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Peanut butter and jelly. I’m a man of class.

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That was last night. I have a picky toddler. ^_^

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I had chicken drumsticks (4) with Italian salad, simple enough ;-)
it’s 20.55 here now…... 56…..

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Spaghetti with meat sauce; just what it says.

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A slim-fast.

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The old backup plan when we have nothing else in the house: black beans (or pinto beans), monterey jack and/or cheddar, salsa, and guacamole over spring greens.

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A BLT with the last heirloom Brandywine tomato of the season and cream of celery soup.
But..I am going out to get everything for a big pot of delicious smoked sausage, cabbage and potato soup for tomorrows 1st big storm brewing. :-D

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I’m having mamaliga. Check out this mamaliga recipe Also salmon, vegetables and brown rice.

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If my Italian sausage is thawed tonight (no, that’s not a metaphor for anything; it’s a package of frozen Italian sausage that I left to thaw in the fridge this morning), then I might cut it up and add it to some pepperoni and make spaghetti sauce (for spaghetti, of course).

Otherwise I’ll just do something quick and dirty like a burrito, I guess, for tonight, and do the spaghetti tomorrow in that case.

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I had lasagna some 3 hours ago now, very tasty.

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BBQ Pork Steak

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Haricot beans, snow peas, scallions and mushrooms sauteed in peanut oil, served over wild rice with a Thai green chile simmer sauce.
I love these threads

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I’ve always wondered – How do you pronounce “haricot”? And I’ve only seen the word in connection with “verts”. “Haricots verts”, right?

Is that French?

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We’ve got a strange assortment of leftovers that I’ll pull out of the fridge for dinner. Spinach, bacon, and artichoke pizza, steamed carrots, spanokopita, spaetzle, cantaloup slices. It’ll be a bit of everything for everyone, except the picky eater who will probably have PB&J.

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I think we’re having tacos.

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@Seek_Kolinahr : Yeah, it’s usually “haricots verts” but it’s OK to say “haricot beans” to denote a specific type when talking about cooking in a casual way, when one doesn’t have a picture. And it is French, and pronounced “air-ee-coh”

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I won’t know until I get home. I can’t think this far in advance. I will go look at the fridge and decide. Although, knowing I made soup last night, it’s likely that will appear again.

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Bloody Macdonalds again!!!

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Leftover meatloaf and leftover macaroni with a salad of peaches, lettuce, pecans, cottage cheese,and dried orange/cranberries with Balsamic vinegar. I know it’s good because I’ve had it all before.

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I just had a small chicken and mushroom pie

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@Leanne1986 I love England’s savoury pies. Is “Devon Savouries” still around?

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Spaghetti, meatballs and sauce with the heel of some yummy sourdough bread.
my mother packed my dinner :)

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“Haricot beans”? Doesn’t that mean “beans beans”? I’m only being persnickety on this because for some reason over the weekend I was thinking about haricot vert, or “green beans”.

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Yes, @CWOTUS , that means “beans beans” technically, but I used it that way to differentiate, for a predominately US audience between a French style of green beans versus, say, soy beans or garbanzo beans. I humbly apologize to the purists I may have offended. However I phrased it, the dinner was still described, and pretty good, which was actually the point.

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I’m experimenting with shake-n-bake and am frying up some chicken nuggets. My kids are great at eating my concoctions ; )

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Fish and Chips. Wish we could get smooshy peas here. Ah well.

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Nothing special tonight. I am planning on either an oyster or mushroom stuffed rabbit for this weekend. It depends on what the market has for mushrooms or oysters.

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@janbb I believe so! This particular pie was a Ginsters (loved by truckers all over Britain!) though.

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How did you manage to cook it for so long?

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Homemade pizza! Everybody gets to create their own topping mess! Yum!

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A lazy dinner of pre-made pasta, two kinds of sauce mixed together and french bread.

And a birthday cake for dessert as it is my sister’s 36th birthday.

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@tranquilsea Happy Birthday, to her!!

I <3 b-day cake : )
Kids really liked the chicken and dubbed them “Nummy Nuggets” LOL They are such good little troopers as I venture into the world of cooking.

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I’m going to make a small tuna casserole.

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I made some bean casserole and a salad. For dessert, I had kasha with blueberries. Yummy!

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Oooh…I love Tuna casserole, it’s kind of like admitting you like Jack in the Box tacos, but…it’s good! lol

Note: If anyone says they are having creamed corn I will be forever turned off by that association with you. haha

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@EnchantingEla I’ll pass the thought on to her. Thanks :-)

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@Coloma I don’t know what a Jack in the Box taco is, but tuna casserole is certainly not anything like tacos, as what I know a taco to be. The casserole I make is very tasty and nutritional.

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Oh, I’m sure it is!
Hmm.. I was making a joke, hard to explain if you’re not american.
Just kinda an association with tuna casserole and a fast food chains tacos, as….uh…I can’t explain my thinking…haha as both are considered not that great when actually they are pretty good. Never mind..I’m confusing myself now. lol

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A gigantic bucket o salad! With chicken, beets chick peas olives feta and veggies… I got the idea from the “Clean out your fridge” question asked earlier. I love big salads!

*I never learned to cook for one and I never learned to stop eating if it was that good. *Bad combo! I have to run in a ½ hour and I feel… FULL!

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We had leftover pulled pork. I had a lot of it left and froze it about a month ago. We had it tonight with baked steak fries and a tossed salad.

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@Coloma I gotcha now. I am American but just never thought about tuna casserole associated with fast food. I will say when we were in college we lived on a tuna casserole that was nothing but noodles, mushroom soup, and cheese/cracker curmbs on top. It was so cheap (back then) and we could eat on it for days. Today the recipe is a bit different. :)

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Chimichangas and Rum Ham.

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My poor youth specialty was “Mac weenies & cheese”....lots of that with cheap beer. haha

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Pizzapops. Lol.

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Pecan crusted trout, rice pilaf and carrots on the side. A nice cinnamon rugelach for dessert.

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I have to ask, @Seek_Kolinahr. Twenty-five hours, so far, cooking a pot roast?

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@bkcunningham I’m wondering about that too.

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I’m gonna guess and say she is using a crock pot? That’s nom when you cook it low and slow for an entire day. I wish I were there for dinner… It sounds devine!

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@bkcunningham Nom nom nom… That sounds delish!

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25 hours?! I’ve cooked a roast for eight hours, but I think that’s the longest I’ve crocked anything.

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Yeah, I stuck it in the crock pot and just let it go forever. Hubby got home late from work, so it went about 30 hours before we dug in. It was so big we were still eating it three days after this post.

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Come to think of it, @Seek_Kolinahr, I’ve put soups into the crock for a couple of days. I’ve not cooked it continuously but over a period of days and it really just kept getting better. Yummie. We had a taco pie thing tonight. It was pretty good.

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