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Do you remember the first time you talked to God?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) October 3rd, 2011

I think it was at the age of 7 when I had my first real conscious talk with God. I had just poisoned a baby dove in the back yard (there was a bird cage and bond with mourning doves). I took ant spray poison and the bird was walking about near the bottom and I began spraying it. I remember purposefully trying to get it to slow down and the bird did slow down & eventually stopped breathing. I remember pacing back in forth on the side of the house alone saying “I know! I know! I’m sorry God this was a mistake.” All of this was in my head, but I just remember how loud it all seemed. I had the feeling of “what you did was incredibly wrong” being repeated over and over. So my first conscious talk with God was begging for forgiveness, and realizing how wrong I was. Mind you all, no one has ever taught me how to pray or let alone told me I could talk to God, which I found innate yet strange.

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Never had the pleasure. Charmed, I’m sure.

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Apart from the Rosary and saying grace over food at Grandma’s house, I think the first time I actually prayed was when I found out my mother was planning to leave my daddy. I begged him to let me stay with my dad.

He didn’t listen.

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@dreamwolf How did you feel when he didn’t comfort you in your moment of distress?

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I probably asked him for my brother back when I was about 4. Most likely the first and last time.

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It was probably when I said my childhood prayers. I had little idea who God was then and I have little idea now.

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No, but I sure remember the first time He talked to me. I was married with children by this time and still had depression riding me hard. I was away at a retreat and suddenly I got this big introduction download. It filled my whole being; that first encounter was of God as Being and Creator and caring about all people individually. Before then I had seen Him as cosmic God. This download was huge about Creation and that everything science and nature related we see in the earth today came out from His unseen (to the mortal eye) Source. Science is just God allowing us to peek in on His all in allness. For example, some folks explain away rainbows as light refractory as if it is something scientific and therefore explainable on its own merit. But who made the Light? No matter how many levels one peels, there is something quite unexplainable by science and those things it can explain, simply verify this Intelligent Design and the intricate detail of everything. Check out a flower or a garden vegetable or a bee that isn’t supposed to be capable of flying. Hey, check out the wonder of your own body. Plus you have been given eyes to really SEE. God sure takes the wrap for a lot of human buffoonery.

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The first real conversation was when I reconciliated with Him. I don’t remember the first one.

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I have been talking with “God” since I can remember thinking… Angels too, hence the name.

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I talk with God all the time. Funny thing she never answers.

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I was probably really young, like 3 or 4.

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I tried to pray as a young kid maybe 7 years old. I prayed twice or so within maybe a week. I felt silly. Even when I went to CCD, when I was asked to pray I just knelt there. I felt silly enough kneeling and folding my hands. I wasn’t about to pretend to talk to someone else in my head.

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