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Is it possible for a person to have such sensitive hears that even low level everyday sounds like converersation,TV at low volume or riding in a car, can damage the ear and hearing? Causing a raise in tinittus. Any information would be helpful. I seem to be having this problem and none of the doctors have any answers ?

Asked by isail (6points) May 9th, 2008
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Have you seen a trained Audiologist for hearing test on all frequencies? That might give you some clues. And I assume that one of the Doctors was an ENT specialist? How old are you? Certainly keep the volume down as low as possible, IAC. Tinnitus cause is still a medical mystery, I believe. (Shilolo, are you listening?)

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amphetamines can increase your hearing sensitivity.

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Your hearing is nothing to screw around with. As gailcalled said, get this checked out by an ENT.

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It’s unlikely that low level noises will result in damage, however, they may be exacerbating an already existing condition of tinnitus. Since tinnitus itself is in many cases a secondary symptom to something else, you should get it checked.

MedicineNet has some good information and a good place to start, medically speaking, as to what tests you may want to ask your doctor about.

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Hi, I’m an Audiologist.

Tinnitus is still a medical mystery because the structures of the inner ear are too tiny to view with current imaging technology. There are many different types of tinnitus as well, so I suspect there are multiple causes. I have had tinnitus my whole life.

Hyperacusis is the term for oversensitive hearing for soft sounds. While you may be irritated by softer sounds than other people, the sound pressure levels are not physically damaging to the inner ear structures at less than 85 deciBels.

One possible cause of hyperacusis and tinnitus may be migraine aura (with or without headache). Certain medications can increase tinnitus. A comprehensive review of your medical history, along with an complete audiologic evaluation are recommended. Be as detailed and honest as possible with the medical history, and find out as much as you can about your family’s medical history.
Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions:

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