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Odd/Funny/Weird/Rude birthday or Christmas gift?

Asked by Gingerlaurie (361points) October 5th, 2011

Having a birthday in a couple of days, and some friends and I were talking about some of the most memorable gifts we have gotten in the past, good or bad. What are some past gifts you’ve gotten that left an impression?

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Butt plugs.

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@everephebe My mother bought me butt plugs for my 18th birthday. Heh.

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It wasn’t so much the present, I don’t even remember what it was, but the present itself was something nice. My friends had taken me out to dinner for my birthday and at some point they handed me my present and I opened it to discover that they had wrapped my gift in an empty Tampax box. It was pretty clear what the box was. We were in the middle of a crowded restaurant and everyone in there was looking at us because it was obvious that it was a birthday party. My friends thought it was hilarious. It was pretty funny.

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I received one dollar once. It was in a handmade card. No, it was not from a little child. It was insulting.

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As a teen I had this habit of saying ’‘I don’t give a rat’s ass’’ all the time. Despite speaking French with my dad, he heard me say that a lot with friends and company, and one birthday, in my presents he packed a small joke.

A rubber rat’s ass. It had the hind legs and a tail, and you stuck it to a pencil end. It was retarded, but awesome. :)

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Well a relative bought me a plastic dancing flower for my birthday once. Not my thing but not so out there except they then proceeded to show me the beautiful expensive jewellery they had bought my sister for her birthday which was a few days later. I just smiled politely! “Oh how lovely!” Grrrrr

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I don’t remember many good gifts… I’m sitting in one however, and he never put it together right so it never has reclined and always has this feeling that it’s about to break apart any minute. It’s interesting.

*I never touch the lever on the side… Ever. er r


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My aunt Edna used to give recycled gifts. Once I got a manicure set that had someone else’s name written in ink on the inside. Aunt Edna was such a sweet lady, and over the years her gifts became some of the most anticipated.
Years after she was gone, when we had an exceptionally lean year, our family would have “Aunt Edna Christmases.”
The rule was, it either had to cost less than a dollar, or be something you found laying around the house. People would come up with some amazing things. The more artistic among us would make things.

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@Judi I just love that! What a great story!

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When I was about, 14, my Great Grandma got me two turtle neck sweaters (pink and teal), a box of pink and white hair clips, and some Tinkerbell play lipstick for my Birthday. I was mortified when she made me model it all for her. (I was way too cool and goth at the time to be caught dead in anything pink. Haha.)

More recently, my Dad sent me a jar with a mechanical butterfly in it, for my Birthday. You tap the lid and it bangs around inside the jar. That’s all it does… 
Then for Christmas, he sent me a realistic cowboy armadillo wine holder. (As in, an armadillo wearing a cowboy hat, bandana, and guns on it’s belt.) This really stumped me. I don’t drink wine, my decor isn’t western themed and I don’t even live where armadillos do. At least I can assume the butterfly in a jar was his way of remembering that I like bugs. Haha.

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One year before Christmas, little things here and there went missing. Apparently, my mother was going around wrapping up some of our stuff. Money was tight that year, but she wanted us to have things to open on Christmas morning. It was funny and sweet.

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