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Do you think you've had a past life? If so,explain.

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) October 9th, 2011

Okay, so today I was at this Pow Wow of some sort and as I walked closer and closer to the drums and the singing that the Native Americans were doing I felt a panic. I felt as if I was scared. I felt like I was going to cry. Possibly break down crying, but I tucked that fear away and just continued walking. It got me thinking. Did I have a past life of some sort? Am I the reincarnation of someone who got killed by Native Americans? If you’ve had any sort of experience like this, with Native Americans or not, tell me your story. It would make me feel less alone, thank you.

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Well I love the idea of the “collective unconscious” by Carl Jung. After learning that there are tons of strands of genes that are present within us that currently serve no function I’m convinced that they are memory strands of genes that probably served purpose from our ancestors. I don’t think I’ve lived in the past, but do believe I love through my ancestors because I am their descendants but I am me. I always dream of looking up into the stars and walking about at night in a forest. I think this is what’s natural to me and when I’m at peace. I would love to have lived along time ago in the forest days of human kind. I think there is a ghost interpreting what happened to you through your dreams. Oh and its Native Americans* not Indians sweetie :)

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Nope… This one has been about 5 in 1 so I’m good on lives.

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No I did not. And when I’ll die I’ll be dead forever and then the judgement will come ^^

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@dreamwolf thank you for your feedback!And yes,after I posted it,I realized it was *Native Americans.My mistake ^^’

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Thank you for all the feedback,but as I talked about this with my family,we began to contemplate the thought of our souls and such.Although I am Christian,in the bible,it doesn’t say reincarnation isn’t possible.And I’m starting to think…if we havent lead a very good life related towards God,then maybe after we die,he takes our souls and puts them in another body.As if he’s giving us another chance?I know it may not be true,but just think about it.

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I used to be Theodore Roosevelt.

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No, I don’t.

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Nah, if reincarnation was real, I would have never become a human in any of my lives.

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