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Have you dropped out of college and felt liberated?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) October 13th, 2011

On the contrary, have you dropped out of college and wished you’d gone back? Or hope to? When and why?

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I’ve never felt liberated when I left a college or a program, only when I left a job. I dropped out a couple times— The first time I went to college, I went for 2 years, then dropped out because I had no direction whatsoever. My emotion at that time more was similar to the emotion you get when you meet obligations. I always returned and finished my BA after 10 years of in and outs.

The worst departure I had was when I had to leave my dream MA program due to my ex’s company downsizing- we had to move 4 hours away for another job, a job that required me to get a MA that they chose, not one of my own choosing. I still have pangs of regret for that.

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and went on to do what he did, but most people don’t have Steve’s drive, resolve, resources, or mind. I loved college—my favorite part was the hours-long discussions we had after class, in the halls, cafeterias, student centers, etc.

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No, I graduated summa cum laude actually with an almost perfect GPA

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I dropped out a few times. School always felt like a 24 hour a day thing. There was always a paper to write or a book to read. It was always in the back of my mind. So I would drop out and get a job where once I left work I was done and all I had to worry about was waking up for the next shift.

After a few months that got old and I realized I needed to go to school if I didn’t want to dodge forklifts while dragging auto parts across a NAPA warehouse for the rest of my life.

Rinse and repeat.

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I’ve dropped out a few times as well, and I felt very liberated in doing so. Like @johnpowell said, it feels like a constant hindrance because of constant thoughts about assignments. School is an extreme burden for me psychologically. I can’t wait to finally be done with it.

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I dropped out of high school, and never want to college. I deeply regret it.

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When I finished college at about 19, my employer in the first job I had wanted me to go back and do a business course. I wanted to do the business course but I was just burned out with study. So, I dropped out. He was very disappointed in me but it was a huge relief. I just wasn’t ready to go back into a study situation again.

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I was going to community college, not very focused, and by a miracle I wound up transferring to a four year school. I am so glad I have my college degree.

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Dropped out of college my freshman year. Felt great for about 2 days. Then came the huge regret which lasted until I re-enrolled.

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Those who haven’t dropped out college can’t relate. I did it my way and dropped out 2 times.
No regrets, no nothing because I was forced by circumstances. never gave a f.. what nobody said. They hope that I fail and wish I was dead but guess what? I’m not and I’m doing just fine.
My case was somewhat particular and I won’t explain it.

Anyway for those thinking of dropping .. if you can live with no regrets later then you can do it .. but before taking this step think several times before doing it. Why? Because if you have regrets in other parts of your life you’ll deeply regret taking this step.

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When I dropped out of college I felt scared. I knew that college wasn’t the right thing for me at the time and I still stand by that but I also didn’t know what was the right thing for me. So, liberated wasn’t how I felt at the time despite knowing I had made the right decision.

Now, I wish I could afford to do a college course even if it’s just a night course, once a week or something like that. Now that I am ready to go back to education, I can’t afford it.

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