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Does anyone know where the IRS logo got it's start and why this symbol is used?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) October 17th, 2011

Just wondering the origin of this national symbol.

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I don’t know if this fully answers your question, but I found some information here:

The IRS Symbol is the graphic element that represents the IRS to the taxpayer. The IRS Symbol is also commonly referred to as the IRS Eagle.

The IRS Symbol represents the United States with imagery showing the scales of justice to instill the idea that Service operations will be conducted in a fair and honest way.

The decorative olive branch fills out the left side of the symbol and represents peace.

IRS logo

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IRS logo has the wheat agriculture as the highest authority, above the IRS eagle that holds the scales of Justitia. . . .
In 1865 Young America wears a red liberty cap when he turns over all agriculture to a Roman god.
By 1893 the liberty cap had already been removed by Republic.
The IRS eagle who follows the goddess Justitia dominates. As does the Department of Justice eagle.
The IRS does not disclose the meaning of their logo. They will only say “The seal represents the history, tradition, and mission of the IRS”

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