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Can a cyst cause you to miss your periods (or mess with your periods)

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 17th, 2011

I do know that I have a cyst and have had it checked out two years ago. I also had a biopsy done two years ago and all was fine.

My last period was very light (smears) and the one before that, well, it didn’t happen. I have a doctor’s appointment, Friday.

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I think so. I had problems like that all the time. I’ve heard about poly cystic ovarian syndrome maybe some of that info helps. :)

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I haven’t gained weight and there is no issue with excess hair growth. My belly is bloated, though. My Mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer and also had Cervical Cancer.

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:/ I would have a screening for the ovarian cancer although it would be done with your pap smear…if you haven’t had one lately maybe you should get one.

I wonder since having many cysts can cause these symptoms then maybe without the syndrome cysts alone can wreak havoc on cycles.

it’s annoying when the parts don’t work properly

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Yes they can. I know my aunt had a cyst and she bled heavily cause of it.

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Have you asked your doctor about the possibility of endometriosis? It causes a lot of issues, including cysts and erratic bleeding.

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Yes. When’s the last time you had a vaginal “wand” scan?

I was diagnosed with benign cysts at one point which within 5yrs morphed into large tumors. I didn’t notice any changes to weight or hair growth but my periods would alternate between regular and horrendous. I ended up having surgery to remove them along with some other pieces and parts they’d messed up.

It’s worth every dime of co pay or deductible to have a scan every 6mos. or so to keep an eye on the shape and size of what anyone wants to tell you are harmless.

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They might also check for fibroid tumors but they caused me to have very heavy periods.

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I had a friend in college whose periods stopped because of a cyst. She also had trouble keeping her meals down. After the cyst was removed, she was fine.

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I’m only a teenager but had a large cyst this past May that I needed surgery for. Ovarian cysts can cause fluctuations etc. in hormones and periods I was told.

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