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Who was your favorite teacher? Your least favorite?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) October 18th, 2011

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Any teacher from any grade, from any point through in your education.

So far, my favorite teacher has to be Mr. Sivitz. He was my eighth grade Civics teacher, and his class was absolutely awesome. Not only was the subject interesting, but Sivitz taught it like a champ. Aside from being a cool teacher, he was also a cool guy in general; he had the same weird sense of humor and personality that a lot of us did. He crammed a ton of references into his lessons, ranging from They Might Be Giants, to Star Wars, to old movies, and we picked up on almost all of them. Also, he was the most kick-ass chaperon for our field trip to Washington D.C. that year.

As for my least favorite teacher, I would have to say it was Ms. Weet, in seventh and eight grade. I was lucky enough to have her teach two math courses I was in that year. She was new at the time, and I didn’t like her teaching very much. It didn’t help that I became incredibly bored with math around this time, sure, but what set me over the edge was the time she initially refused to allow me a second chance at turning in a study guide because I lost my binder. I maintain that it was stolen, but she gave in later anyways. Also, in middle school, there was a “three strikes yer out” policy on homework, and detention was the penalty. In the third quarter of that year, I had missed three assignments, and she found this out pretty well into the fourth quarter. She decided to give me a detention anyways, which infuriated me to no end..

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They were both in high school, actually. Mr. Murcko was.. English and Drama. He was just fun. He rode his bike to work and he had a crazy beard, and most of the kids made fun of him behind his back.. but he was an awesome teacher. He loved to encourage creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking, and I liked that a lot about him.
My least favorite was Mr. Palmer, who.. was a really attractive, young new science teacher. Except, that I he didn’t teach us anything. He just let everyone screw off in class.. which would normally be welcome, but I liked science.

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Favorite was 7th grade history. Teacher was the most insane man I’ve ever met and just a few weeks ago I found out he was married to my English teacher.
Least favorite is a three way tie between 7th grade science, 7th and 8th grade French, and freshman history. Science and French just hated me for some reasons and both retired last year. Freshman history hated all freshman, which was bad since that was all he had. I worked my butt off just so I could switch into honors history.

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You had Sivitz for Civics? Sorry, I just had to write that. It’s fun to say, in my head.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’m not much for science, so I probably would’ve loved being in your shoes..
@TheIntern55 I had a teacher who hated on freshman too, and he’s weirdly one of my favorites right now.
@dappled_leaves We got so much mileage out of that term, “Civics with Sivitz”, it wasn’t even right. That was his name for the course lol

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Favorite: Mr. Richard Thorn / Economics

Least Favorite: Forgotten name, cough syrup swilling blowhard / Algebra

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My favorite is my current band teacher, he’s just awesome all around. My least favorite teacher would be my middle school band teacher. He was not a good teacher, and the marching band probably won’t get any freshmen next year because of it.

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My favorites? Biology Mr. Williston Wirt and English Mr. Pfrimmer. The best teacher I ever had? Probably Mrs. McCabe Problems of the 20th Century.

My least favorite? Monsier Ecoute French. He had a horrible case of dandruff and the flakes stuck to his Crisco-coated hair.

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I like all the teachers I have at my new school. The hole crew is pretty layed back, and they’re all great teachers, and it doesn’t even feel like they’re teachers. After class is over they’re just another person, just like us.
But my favorite teacher I’ve ever had was in the Seventh grade. Her name was Mrs. Kenney. She taught English. She used to talk to me when my parents were getting a divorce. I was grateful for her. I needed someone, and she was there.
My least favorite was probably Mr. Marrol. He was the PE teacher. I don’t hate PE, but the guy was a creep. He was constantly checking out all the girls. And this was also the Seventh grade! Gross!


Didn’t have any. I disliked all of them.

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My favourite teacher is my long term singing coach, Ann. Not only is she a great teacher that has helped me see some major results in the past 7 years but she is also a confident and has had a career that I can really respect.

From my school days I really liked Mr Rivers (Design and Technology) and Mr Callagnan (my house tutor). They were pleasant, down to earth and funny guys and I had a lot of time for them.

My least favourites were Mr Slade (Science) and Mr Taylor (Maths). I just found them very difficult to get along with if you weren’t particularly talented in their chosen field. I tried hard in Science lessons but Mr Slade made fun of me for my (just over) average scores in exams (I got 60% in a couple of my exams and, in front of the class, he said that I was obviously willing to “settle” for 60% which he didn’t consider good enough). His motivation skills were poor and, at times, cruel. Mr Taylor just smelled bad.

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Ms Holsapple (known commonly as Miss H) was my creative writing teacher. She was so cool. She threw an eraser at a kid once because he wrote “a lot” as one word. :) She just cared about her kids and her job. She cared.

My least favorite was a male teacher who thought he was sexy and came on to all the girls. It was disgusting.

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