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What is the longest you've had to go without running water in your home?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43062points) October 21st, 2011

Camping and things don’t count, because you can plan for that.

The bathtub faucet crapped out Wednesday night, and my husband had to shut off the water. Fortunately I’d already taken my shower on Wednesday but man…two full days now. I feel so grungy, even though I’m relatively clean. We picked up a couple of gallons of water but it really isn’t the same.

I have cabinets that need to be wiped down and just..things. You just never realize how much you take things for granted until they’re gone! Even now I’m still flipping on faucets from habit.

My husband has been working on it all day (Friday) so we should be up and running tonight, but MAN. Yesterday at work I’d flush the toilet twice just to hear it!

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I don;t think it’s ever been off for more than half a day, when the water-pipes in the street were being replaced.

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Five days, during and after a hurricane. Power was out, so was the well.

Fortunately, we happened to have a gym membership at the time, and we went there to take showers.

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Uh.. Never actually; that sucks!! I hope that gets fixed for you!

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2 or 3 days I think. I was living in a garage apartment in Austin, TX and there was a freak extended hard freeze one winter that damaged pipes all over central Texas because it was over the Christmas holidays and a lot of people were out of town and are generally not used to preparing their houses and apartment buildings for that possibility.

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@CurLyFriiGal My husband used to be a plumber in another life. He’s working on it. It’s only taken about 1000 times longer than he thought it would!

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@Dutchess lll haha! Well, maybe you could get some help from neighbors or family? It might up the speed!

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Not at home, but out to sea. We have a unit that turns seawater into fresh water, and that broke so….........250 sailors without water for 4 days…....

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@Blackberry wow!! That’d be rough!! What did you drink for 4 days?!

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Five days during a power outage in January. It was a challenge. I had been forewarned so had a bathtub filled with water for one serious flush a day and several cupfuls for brushing and washing. And I used my wood burning stove for heat.

Peeing outside in 0˚ weather is an interesting experience.

After several days I was able to get to the gym and have a shower. But it’s doable with a gas stove and some preparation.

The fire house issued daily four gallon containers of drinking water and a package of dry ice to keep in refrigerator.

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@CurLyFriiGal Bottled water. We had reserve water, but it was rationed for other things.

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OHH!! :P well that makes sense. I thought you drank beer or whiskey or something for 4 days lol :)

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10 days. It was actually just recently during Hurricane Irene. It got worse because a tree had fallen on our road and and taken down not just the power line but also the pole. We have well water, so we needed electricity before we got water. Luckily, the local water company put a tanker in the elementry school parking lot, so we could at least flush the toilet by filling up milk jugs. My friend just used her pool water. We ended taking showers at the middle school too along with the rest of the town.
But school started later.

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Ladies. Gentlemen. I ask you, is there any sweeter sound in the world than a flushing toilet?! : ) SUCCESS! I just want to peee all the time, peeeee all the time!

Scuse me while I go takes a shower. : )

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Sweet!! Congrats Dutchess!!

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When ever there’s been a report of possible storms or something that could cause major problems, I fill a bathtub with what will be emergency water to use to flush toilets, for cooking water, for washing, for drinking. (All of this water is taken out of the tub to be used, not used in the tub.) We have emergency bottles of water for drinking, but it’s old. The plastic bottles are losing their shapes..

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YES @CurLyFriiGal! Thanks! I’d seriously rather be without electricity (assuming it’s not below freezing) than water any day. Being without electricity is romantic. Being without water is disgusting!

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Hahaha! I bet! I’m so happy for you!! Hmmm… Makes me want to take a shower (and kind of go to the bathroom:) )

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GO PEE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE @CurLyFriiGal!!! You never know when it’s going to happen to you!

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Hahaha just came back from the toiletry fortunately it still works :) haha

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I lived for over a year in a house with a hand pump and a cistern for water and an outdoor toilet. I have an aunt who died about six months ago at the age of 87. She lived her entire life in a house without running water.

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Not the same, but when I was living in an apartment, we went 2 weeks without any hot water. That meant no showers, no washing dishes without cooking water, and no washing clothes. I was beside myself with anger.

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Update: I got this wild urge to brush my teeth. So I did. : )

@bkcunningham Yes, well, we don’t have a hand pump, a cistern or an outdoor toilet, unless you count one small section of the back yard that would have been our best bet for shielding us from all but 4 of the neighbor’s view. If you’re set up for no running water, built your life accordingly, it’s one thing. If you haven’t, and it’s suddenly gone, it’s a whole different story. I hope you can understand that.

@filmfann burrrr!

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@Dutchess_III, you could still flush your toilet with the water shutoff to your home. You just have to fill the tank with water.

Also, I was just answering your question, but I do understand the difference. Things we consider basic amenities are very difficult to live without. We are spoiled. If my electricity flickers for a second, I have a feeling of dread hoping I don’t lose my power.

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Yes @bkcunningham. We know this about flushing the toilet. However, to fill the tank back up with water we’d have to have access to some water. Which we didn’t have. See?

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Yes, @Dutchess_III. I’m glad you have your water on now.

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You guys aren’t going to believe this! We picked up a kitchen faucet at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Rick, from his years in plumbing recognized it as a very expensive type…like, $200. We got it for $20. It’s a combination faucet and sprayer. The faucet pulls out of the end of its bracket and can be used as a sprayer…....the damn thing blew apart on me today!! We can still use it, sort of but…anyway. A moment ago I turned it on, forgetting that the nozzle wasn’t on it any more and water shot 15 feet across the room and hit the wall! I’m soaked. But…we have fantastic water pressure! We’re going to leave it like that for a while to trick people! Mwahhhhahahahahahah!!!

There seems to be an evil curse attached to our plumbing!

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