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Do you have a favorite Maxfield Parrish? If you do, please share?

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 24th, 2011

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My favorite has always been Dinky Bird but I like The Lantern Bearers too.

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I love one that I saw in an antique shop I worked in. It was of a woman seated in a beautiful flowing orange gown. I have no idea of the name of it.

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The Pied Piper in the Pied Piper bar at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

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@Dog Was it possibly this one, Revieries? Maxfield Parrish was kind of really into the flowing gown thing. If not, what was the woman sitting in or on? And the colors are an issue. For some reason, it seems to be very difficult to reproduce the colors Parrish used, at least in photographic images it seem. You search for a Parrish painting on Google and the same painting will show a hundred different colors so the gown may not be so orange in the image I posted.

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@zenvelo You should really help me in getting a place to live in SF :D :P

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@lillycoyote While that was not it, I love that one! The woman was seated and the surroundings were more whitish- like marble maybe? Her dress flowed all around her. Kills me that I cannot find it on Google.

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Nope. It was just the woman. the gown looked more modern- very fluffy. Maybe I am confused and it was not a Parrish… but I was sure it was. Was there any other artists who painted women in beautiful gowns that flowed?

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What about this one, by Edward Burne-Jones?

Don’t worry, that’s my last one; I’m not going to be playing “This one? What about this one?” all night. :-)

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@lillycoyote That is MAGNIFICENT! Not the one- but truly amazing! I am going to research more. This is driving me nuts. As I recall it was a series of ladies in magnificent dresses. So it must not have been Maxwell. It seemed more modern in look and feel- like maybe around 1900.

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I prefer his landscapes, the ones that don’t have people in them. I love Winter Sunise. I got to see this piece up close at an exhibition.

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