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What kind of kitten is the best?

Asked by LezboPirate (1289points) October 25th, 2011

I want to get a kitten, but I don’t know what kind to get.
Obviously I cannot have the one I am most interested in, because they are illegal here. (Bengal, in case you were wondering.)

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The best kitten to get is a pound kitten. The one that is homeless and will be put down if someone doesn’t adopt him.

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I agree with @chyna but there’s also a turkish van which actually likes water :O

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Oh, yes, I know that. But they have many different kittens there. I was just there this morning and I don’t know which one to get.

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All kittens are nice… until they grow up to be cats. So if you were to pick a breed, consider the adult cat charateristics.

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I’m not worried about it too much, I’m getting it for someone else. Christmas. :D I just don’t want to get one that…

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Is that person a cat person, and expressed interest in taking on the responsibilty of caring for a cat? It’s not going to be fair to that person and to the kitten if they’re put into that situation.

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Why would I just give someone a kitten if I didn’t know they liked and wanted kittens? That would be ridiculous. Remember people, I am smarter than I look.

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If it is a first cat, I would suggest getting an adult instead of a kitten. Kittens need more care and attention, and adult cats will love you just as much as a kitten would.

If you are getting it for someone else, get a gift certificate to the local animal shelter and let the recipient pick out the cat. The sheter will care for the cat until it is picked up that way.

The one you pick may be perfect for you but would not be a good match for the recipient.

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Okay, question void, I think. This isn’t going to work, because I can obviously not give you all of the details. I can handle the cat. I’ll get someone to come with me to get it or something. And nobody is actually answering the question.

My question was not should I or should I not get a cat for someone. The question was what the best kind is. Breed.

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Anytime I have been looking for one at the shelter, I always have to remember that you don’t pick the cat (kitty), the cat (kitty) picks you.

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Maybe I’ll wait until really close to Christmas and take her with me to get it..

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Shelter cat.

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Domestic short hair, from your local shelter.

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I’ve got the shelter part down. I’m getting it from the shelter. There are many, many kittens at the shelter though. A couple of their cats just had kittens. I want a kitten so that she can raise it and bond with it and have it grow up with her.

I’m gonna just see what I can find on Google. Because this isn’t helping.

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I have read (not sure if it’s actually true) that kittens and puppies that are handled at a young age (six weeks?) will be affectionate towards humans. And the others will never be.

So don’t count on a skittish animal becoming a lap-warmer.

Also short hair. And don’t get a white cat if you have a black sofa, etc.

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Yeah, no. There was this one kitten in there. He was scared out of his little mind. And I decided to not get him, he won’t let anyone pet him or anything.

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Well, many people don’t like this, but hairless kittens are the best.

I have a hairless kitten and it’s the cutest. She’s so incredibly sweet and follows me around everywhere.

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The definition of best cat varies from person to person. Without knowing who you are giving it to it is impossible to accurately tell which cat breed he thinks is best.

That is why I suggested the gift certificate to the animal shelter. Then he can pick what he thinks is the best cat without us clouding his judgement.

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I got my newest kitty at the shelter, she was 10 months old and is an adorable Tortie Point Siamese with seal point and orange cream blotches and blue eyes.

A young teen cat is a great choice, out of the crazy kitten phase but still extremely playful and bonds well. I would also stick with short hair unless you want to groom a lot and maybe even have to go for a summer shave which runs around$100 or so, depending.

My last fluffy cat had to be sedated for his yearly shave job and it costs a LOT! I used the groomer at my vets though in case there were any problems he was already at the vet.

Male cats tend to be more laid back than females, but, females are usually very affectionate and into being the “princess” kitty. lol

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Choose a cat that is alert, has a clear nose and eyes and isn’t too shy. Pick up the kitten and see if it submits to being held. A kitten that is too scared to be held will be some work.

Really, the kitten will pick you. Don’t worry about breed. Cat breeds are not like dog breeds. Cats are bred mostly for looks. Cats, for the most part, are all the same.

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We used @tinyfaery‘s methods and went for the one at the pound that just stole our hearts. She was a tiny grey fur puff when we got her, but Spoony THE Cat has grown up to be a wonderful, smart, communicative pet. The vet says she appears to be half tabby and half Maine Coon Cat.

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Cat gut in the Violin case ey?

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The boy kind, that are grey and black striped… Named Chaos. :’(

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O.K. we have the shelter thing down. :-) My advice on top of that would be, be patient, don’t worry so much about it and just keep looking. Your kitten will find you. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one.

I’m such a romantic.

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The kind at the shelter that desperately needs a home.

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Well, there we have it, folks. The boy kind. With grey and black stripes. I’m not sure I can get one named Chaos though..

Plus I think it’s rude to name a new pet the same thing that your old pet was named. I feel like they’re supposed to replace the other one then, and that’s not what they’re there for. It’s to be a new pet that is just as lovely, but in a totally different way. :D

You’ll come with me, Ash-Leigh. And you can see all the cute kitties. I think we should get one pretty quick though. They had to put two adults and a kitten down this morning..

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@Coloma Ha! We never discussed how the viola was strung. But yep, that’s the great cat detective Spoony on a case.

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@LezboPirate, that’s awful. :(

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