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When calculating child custody, who gets credit for the time spent in school?

Asked by mattosurf (8points) October 27th, 2011

Does the parent dropping off at school get credited for the time in school , or the parent picking up?

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I am unsure the specific of what you are asking. More details might help.
School time is not a consideration (unless there is home schooling involved) I would imagine.
Everything varies state to state, case by case and most forward thinking states work toward making it 50/50.

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Mine is split based on what it would be like if the kids weren’t in school.

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I’m confused. Is the child in school all week long without going home in the evenings? Are you splitting each day with pickups and drop offs?
You can’t really count the 6 or so odd hours of your average school day as time with the child, as far as I know. The only reason that I know of for school to come up is to determine a residential parent, but I don’t think who drops off and picks up the child has any bearing on that decision.

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@ANef_is_Enuf The percentage of the number of hours out of 168 is the way child support is apportioned. Since my ex only has visitation and only has the kids overnight two nights per month, her percentage of the time is about 18%.Since they are in my care most of the time, she doesn’t get as much child support.

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@zenvelo that’s not based on who picks them up from school, though. That’s based on you being the residential, and also custodial, parent.
If one parent is picking the kids up every day and one is dropping them off every day, I can’t imagine it isn’t a 50/50 split.

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The school gets credit. Regardless if child is in mothers custody for that day, the father can pick up the child and go shopping and lunch, and as long as child is returned to school by the time mother picks up, everything is fine. There is nothing that the mother or the school can do to stop this. And it works both ways.

At least that’s how it works in Missouri. I know from personal experience.

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We had a 50/50 split with my step son’s mother. The days she picked him up from school counted as her day. If I had to drop him off and pick him up and feed him dinner and then she would pick him up from our house, (or more usually, I had to walk him across town to her house), I counted it as a day I had him. I only counted a day if he stayed with me past 3pm and I fed him dinner. This wasn’t a court ordered thing, but an private arrangement we came up with. The boy’s father travelled (still does) and she told me straight out when I arrived that she didn’t care who was looking after the boy and she wasn’t going to ‘suffer’ because of the father’s travelling. (Imagine that…looking after your own child is suffering? Really?)

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