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How do you feel when you look at an old Fluther question and see the typos in your answer?

Asked by janbb (58011points) October 29th, 2011

(Stupid penguin, stupid penguin, stupid penguin – thwunk!)

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Same as you, only it’s “stupid dog, stupid dog stupid dog…”

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It drives me crazy. I hate it. I also hate it when I see a typo, and click the “edit your response” link, only for it to vanish. I always click right at that moment when it’s too late. Hate that.

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Not to be repetitive, but it’s stupid redhead, stupid redhead. My biggest sin area is pride. I’m convinced that anyone looking at my answer is on to my secret, that I’m just an idiot surrounded by people that are light years ahead of me intelligence wise. The really sad thing is that most people don’t really spend all that much time thinking about me anyway!

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It annoys me. Even though I have an ocean full of perfecto-fish awards, I still manage to occasionally omit a word.

I wish we had more time to edit, say about a half hour or so.

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I always have to forcibly restrain myself from begging Auggie to fix it. She has way too much to do to be going around and fixing my little mistakes. But it irritates me to no end that I have to leave them there.

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Chagrined, but only for a minute. Reminds me I am NOT perfect, I just think I ought to be.

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Yes. I wish the option to edit a question or answer would stay around a lot longer.

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Annoyed that the edit window is only ten minutes as opposed to the my desired ten months.

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Yes, although I think the examples I saw this morning were about 3 years old!

@rebbel Talk about a frustration boner!

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I’m not seriously suggesting that this be done because it would be more programming work than it’s worth, but a really nifty feature would be (if the usual edit time limit is up) to let you open a special edit window that would parse out all the words and let you change only one word in a 15 minute period. That would prevent people from changing the meaning of a question or answer after it has been replied to, but would allow people to correct individual typos (multiple typos would just take an hour or so to correct them all). It would also let you go back months (or years) later and correct any broken links.

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I feel a slight sting, but I just put it down to a momentary lapse in consentrashion…..see, I did it again!
I’m amused when I find grammatical errors done by the more “vocal” critics among us, but there you go.

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Well, I’m dyslexic so tons of times I don’t notice and if I do notice then I chalk it up to typing with a teensy stylus or typing while not looking at the screen. What goes on in my head and what my fingers do is like going to a old country carnival on it’s opening night.

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Stupid stupid mouse!! Just like @marinelife I cringe!

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Lots of endangered animal life, here…

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That must’ve been when my spell check feature was down. Oh, it looks like that feature is down a lot! Like @GracieT I’m sure that everyone is on to me. They now know I can’t spell.

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@JilltheTooth Indeed! maybe if we were people, we’d get it right!

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I feel like we are bunch of critters roaming around in a pen bumping into each other…

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Ouch – that hurt!

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Good thing there are no mooses…meese…moosae…whatever in here.

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And, yes, I do know that the plural of moose is…wait for it…moose!

JilltheTooth's avatar

As in “moosenpfeffer”? The traditional Yuletide treat of Maine?

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@janbb I can imagine how difficult it is to type with flippers.

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@flutherother Thnjk ewe fr bing so undersstanadingidm!

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I thought you typed with your beak???

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Sometimes the beak is too busy picking out mites from feathers!

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hee hee hee…I’m just giggling up a storm on Fluther today! Snow in the street, happy inside!

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I feel human and fallible.

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@flutherother So it was you sneaking in with the camera? Too cute! LOFL!

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I wince and wonder why I made the typo. Then I wish that I could go back and fix it.

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“Argh. Damn. Sh*t. Ack.” And then “This doesn’t bother anyone but me…this doesn’t bother anyone but me… this doesn’t bother anyone but me… this doesn’t bother anyone but me…”

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It makes me crazy! Especially so when it’s a post having to do with the writing standards. :/

And, yes, I could go in and cover up my mistake fix it, but I don’t think that would be very fair. So I usually don’t.

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Stuped Dutchess. Off with her head!!
It’s mortifying. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does it.
I once went back to some of my original questions on Wisdm that I had posted about a year earlier. I was all uppty and judgemental about grammar and stuff then…. I had posted three of them almost in a row. When I came across them again I saw that every single one of them had a grammar or spelling error!! For one, I had spelled grammar “grammer.” It was before I had spell check. Lord that was humbling.

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Throw hands in the air in frustration… go and have a cup of tea.

I did once ask Auggie to change an incorrect apostrophe or something. She laughed at me. Cruel @Augustlan.

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When I see them I smile and I try to remember why I did not pay attention before pressing “Answer”

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I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but here goes. I use my iPad while I’m on Fluther, and I use an application, not the actual webste. The application doesn’t let me see my whole answer when I use it, and correcting things isn’t easy. If I would use my laptop I could solve most of my problems, but Fluther is like a drug. I need to be on Fluther often and Because my iPad and iPhones have Fluther applications I’ll use them and not the laptop. I’m on my iPad now, curled up in a chair.

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iPhones and iPads certainly exacerbate the problems with proofreading.

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It makes me insane! Really, it kind of drives me crazy. I wish I could lighten up about it, but I can’t.

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I have a D’OH moment but get over it pretty quickly.

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Normal ;-)

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