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Is it time to put Dick Cheney on trial?

Asked by flutherother (30475points) October 30th, 2011

Dick Cheney was the most prominent advocate of torture in the Bush administration. Should he be put on trial for authorizing torture, a practise which is forbidden under international law. Would this improve America’s image in the eyes of the world? This question arose after reading this article

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And do not do it for publicity, do it because it is the right thing to do.
The same is true for an actual, open, thorough investigation into 9/11 to expose the true perpetrators.

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Yes. Cheney needs to be Pinochet’d. But not only Cheney, but Bush himself as well since the worst atrocities occurred under the Bush government. But they probably won’t. I don’t think the USA will give up its double standard any time soon.

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No, it is not time.

It is several years past time

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People talk about prosecuting these guys, but has anyone else besides Clinton and Nixon been prosecuted for a major crime? Clinton’s wasn’t serious, so I only know of Nixon.

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Clinton was a scumbag for cheating on his wife and making a public spectacle of it, but I’m not familiar with any crimes by Clinton. What crimes did he do?

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Nixon wasn’t prosecuted; he quit instead. Bush and Cheney may well have committed war crimes, at least enough that their guilt or innocence are in question.

What galls me most is that Cheney was VP, and should not have had any authority in the chain of command of the military or the intelligence community.

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@HungryGuy There are many other things that are worse than cheating. Compared to Nixon and the Bush admin, it wasn’t a big deal at all. Just like Wiener shouldn’t have lost his seat.

But if you were referring to Nixon. This is the the Watergate scandal.

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@Blackberry – I didn’t know Clinton was involved in the Watergate scandal.

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IMO you are manipulating the reality of what needed to get done when it needed to get done. The people that you assume were “tortured” are people that were associated with attacks, threats, and or direct assaults on Americans or Allies. These same people needed persuasive tactics to get them to provide information we needed to thwart additional attacks on Americans or Allies. What part of this do you have a problem with??

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I am not ‘assuming’ people were tortured, we know it happened and Dick Cheney has admitted as much. The only reality that was manipulated was when he said it was OK as in his mind it wasn’t torture. We can say we are against torture in principle but particular circumstances demand it. But isn’t that what all dictators and despots say? Torture is wrong and not only that it is illegal as well. And not only that but it is very doubtful if it ever produces useful information.

If it is effective why was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed waterboarded 183 times? Was there something he had left unsaid after the 182 attempt? And how can we be sure that we should have stopped there? Maybe a 184th waterboarding would have provided additional valuable information.

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Do not forget that it was torture that produced the false intel on WMDs in Iraq.

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Cheney’s pursuit of torturing prisoners and his war profiteering should have been enough for an impeachment and incarceration 5 years ago.
I have always believed George Lucas purposefully had the Emporer look like Cheney.

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Dick Cheney already has one foot in the grave. He has a mechanical device inside his chest that does most of the work for his heart. He could just drop dead at any minute and likely would not even live through a trail. If Cheney is guilty of a crime then karma seems to be taking care of that very well. I feel sorry for the poor SOB.

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Past due. If justice were a real concept.

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@HungryGuy Yeah I wasn’t paying attention, sorry lol.

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Well, his name alone suggests kinky bondage sex sessions, but that’s all harmless innocent fun, isn’t it?

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Yes, before he dies.

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