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Have you every pictured yourself in a naturalistic world?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 1st, 2011

When I mention naturalistic I’m referring to a lifestyle strictly revolved around living in nature (no plumbing, electricity, harnessed gas and etc)

How do you picture yourself? What region of the world would you live in? What would your work be?

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No, because I’m not used to that kind of society. I probably wouldn’t last.

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Yes but not 100% As a kid, my family and I traveled the USA and parts of Canada in a former ice cream truck. We had no plumbing, no gas stove, no refrigeration or water. Ours wasn’t anything you’d see outfitted like a camper, RV or motorhome and I had little desire to go completely native after that.

Aside from that, up until the mid 70’s, many family members in New Mexico stilled lived like the pioneers did, with no indoor plumbing, electricity or gas power. They went so far to use appliances gifted to them and installed by their children and younger relations more as storage units. The refrigerators were cabinets. The gas stoves got heavy wooden covers and became “prep islands”, indoor bathtubs and toilets were for “modern” company.

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Nope. I love showers.

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I have all the blueprints, schematics and manuals for living off the grid.

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I lived in a commune that was like that during my Hippie days. I loved it.

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Been there, done that.

I lived on 200 acres of private wild land in the Sierra foothills in the late 1970’s.
A cabin, no electricity, wood heat, underground spring and lake water for personal use/gardening.
A horse for transportation to the local ranger station to use the phone on rare occasion, which was about an 8 mile ride/hike. We grew our own, everything. It was great, but, I was 18–20.

Now I’m 52 and I really covet my memory foam bed, hot tub and
But hey, I’m still a hippie at heart and I still live on property in the woods, just with more comforts. ;-D

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I have. It sounds lovely, but I’d hardly last a week living off the land.

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I do not know how I would do, but I would like to give it a try. For a limited time.

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@Coloma I spent 18 days sleeping on the ground with no tent on a Grand Canyon trip this year and I felt better than I do sleeping on my waterbed now. Sometimes I wonder what we give up for progress….....

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@rojo Yeah, I think ol’ Sam Clemens said it best….

” Progress was once a fine thing, but, it’s gone on far too long.” haha
And…that was a 100 years ago. I do love my bed though these days. ;-)

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First, I disagree with the notion that humans in their current state are somehow living outside of nature. Humans are inextricably a part of nature. We build homes and harness the resources around us—just like so many other members of the animal kingdom. So if other animals are living naturally, so are we.

Second, I have lived without modern conveniences—that is, modern adaptations—for periods of time. There are many enjoyable aspects about it, and I think it is useful to know how to live without always having everything you are accustomed to close at hand. Still, we invented most of the modern adaptations for a reason. Sometimes that reason is as simple as comfort, but seeking comfort is a very animal—a very natural—motivation.


Everytime when I go swimming naked at a lake out in the wilderness. I do that every summer with my family.

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Yes. I always pictured myself as the mother in Swiss Family Robinson. I know I’d cook. at least.

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No, no no. I don’t have any of the skills necessary to survive in that kind of environment. I’d starve in a week.

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I used to wonder what it would’ve been like to have been in Adam’s shoes, he didn’t actually wear any footwear, being the first man alive & stuff, but you get my point.
Surrounded by nature’s awesome beauty, an aesthetic delight…..& a naked gal primed for humping!!
A pleasant enough scenario until a monumental guilt trip is forced upon you by the “man upstairs” just for doing what comes natural….tsk tsk!

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If I wasn’t so horrified of insects, and as long as I was in a warm climate, it’d be my ideal way to live. I’d probably have free-formed locs, which would be super exciting. And I’d most likely be really involved with textiles and cuisine.

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What about the opposite question, Anybody ever pictured themselves in a non-natural world?

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@rojo I’ve considered what it might be like to live in an experience machine.

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No thanks. My idea of roughing it is to turn off the A/C and sleep with the window open :-p

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