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Is it okay to fart out loud in your own backyard?

Asked by tinyfaery (43613points) November 3rd, 2011

I was outside gardening yesterday, I bent over and had to let one rip. It was pretty loud. My wife looked at me like we were in a hushed theater. (There is a good chance our neighbors could have heard it.) I don’t think I did anything wrong. Even if they did hear it, so what?

Whose side are you on? Nothing like talking about farts to lighten the mood.

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Fine in yours, but NIMBY.

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Rip em if you got em.

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Lmao. It’s fine. I’ve done it numerous times.

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No one should break wind in the presence of a lady, even ladies :)

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@DominicX Does that mean I can’t fart in front of myself?

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I’m for it.

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I belch in my apartment often. Even when coming up the stairs. I don’t care if anyone hears.

Why would I want to be uncomfortable?

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Holding gas in can’t be good for you.

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My parents were burpers and farters. It’s part and parcel of being alive (or recently dead, too for that matter..) . It is not a big deal. I was so self conscious about farting as a kid I gave myself horrible stomach aches. Mom and Dad used that age old wisdom, ‘Better out than in!’ Only place in the house we think it proper to leave if you are going to fart is the dinning table. The kids and grown ups are taught that if they need to fart, they leave the table and walk across to the downstairs bathroom. If you burp, you cover your mouth, keep it as quiet as you can and then say, ‘Excuse me.’ But, you got to let it out, or you will blow up and then I have to clean up the mess.

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I haven’t been arrested for that, yet, so I’m guessing it’s OK.

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Fart to your heart’s content; if you can’t fart in your own backyard, your life is too constrained.

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I’m on your side but upwind. LOL

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Farting just prior to exiting an elevator shows questionable judgement. Otherwise, let it rip.

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@tinyfaery I think you would have to turn around reeeeeeeeeeeal fast in order to do so. Might be good for laughs though.
In general, I think yardfaarting is a god given right that even your wife cannot take away from you.

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I actually did that not too long ago. I was outside with the dog and and I farted, then realized “Oh Crap! I didn’t check to see if my neighbor was there!” He wasn’t, but if he was, OH WELL. Every once and a while there is just no containing it!

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My of my sweet male friends used to announce, as a courtesy, that he was about to fart. So by all means, fart in your own yard. You’re wife might get a kick out of you saying, “Honey, just to let you know, I’m going to fart.”

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I’m on your side. This made me laugh. Farting is so funny.

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Yep it’s fine.

I am a gardener. I occassionally fart. I do not care if the squirrels mind or not. If they do, they should prolly stop pooping in my yard.

Who cares if the neighbors hear? If I heard laughter it’d most likely be my own! ;)

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Better you than your neighbor!

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I think you are well within your rights to fart in your own backyard; was your wife’s issue not so much with the farting itself, but that the neighbor may have heard it? In the end, some things aren’t about right and wrong; it seemed to bother her and in the interest of keeping peace in the family we often have to make compromises. If it really does bother her, perhaps it might be best not to do it again. :-) Or at least not in a way that the neighbors might hear, if that’s what the issue was.

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I think she was just surprised.

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Wait, is there such a thing as not farting out loud..?

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I think it’s fine to fart almost anywhere.

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@judochop I am glad you qualified that with an almost.
@Joker94 What about SBD’s

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I always blame my pussycat when my girlfriend is looking angry at me.

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Always better out than in when it comes to gas.

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I wish farting weren’t such a faux pas. When you gotta you gotta!

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I love this question.

I wouldn’t in my backyard, because I live in a row house type of situation, where all of our yards are super small, and reeeeaally close. I’d be mortified if neighbors heard me (I am a wuss, I know.)

If I were in your backyard, I’d fart. Just for you.

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Just don’t fart too hard. Trust me on this one.

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I would do it, even if I KNOW my neighbor is out . . . would I do it at someone else’s house or the grocery store? Not if I can help it, but sometimes I can’t help it, LOL

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@tinyfaery If she was just surprised, maybe next time you could just tell her that you’ve got one loaded in the chamber and you’re about to pull the trigger; just warn her. :-)

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It is your own space and if you are not offending anyone, do so and relax.

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No, you should run inside the house, then do it.

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butt of course!

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As long as you don’t frighten away the birds then it’s no problem!

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Of course it’s perfectly fine to fart out loud on your own property. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to fart anywhere as it’s a natural bodily function that we can’t always help. People may not like it and you may get a bad reputation but it’s not against the law. If I am with my Aunt and she needs to fart in public she will ask me to cough or laugh loudly so she can let it go!!!

I am envious of you for being so relaxed about it. I get embarressed if I fart when I am on my own!!!

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In the words of George Carlin “Fart proudly”. RIP George.

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I’m on your side.

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I do, now it is more because in learning about how our bodies work and to be at my most optimal health always calls for me relieving those internal pressures anyway.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis Better out than in I always say LOL

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Oh, c’mon… it’s not like you had a microphone attached to your butt!

Yeah, of course it’s fine.

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I just got a GA, so, I had to come back and read this thread. Like Auggie, I love this question.

It will be 3 years now and my g/f still can’t fart in front of me. If she has one in the cannon, she leaves the room or sticks her ass in the other room, hahaha!!!

Me? I usually say “I have to fart!”. GF: “Do it!” Me: <pararararararaaaaarp>

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Hey @Jude Pull my finger!

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@Jude I have been with my boyfriend for just over 5 years and I still can’t fart in front of him!!

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@Leanne1986 All that pent up gas is bad, says I.
You have to fart about 14 times per day says Dr. Oz
If that’s true, one day you may just float away ;)

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@SpatzieLover : Do you suppose that Oz had some poor benighted grad. student in biochemistry do the research?

SpatzieLover's avatar

tee hee
@gailcalled I think he used The King of Gas doctor’s research.
How’d you like to study farts for a living and admit it?

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@SpatzieLover Wow 14 times a day! And here I thought I was gassy…maybe not. Good to see I fall just a bit under normal. Although Mexican dinner night is a different story!!

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I don’t fart in front of my husband, if I can help it. He’s the same way, but insists that farts in another room (that I can plainly hear) don’t count. We call them “kitchen farts”, because he’ll walk in there ‘to get a drink’ and lets ‘em rip. Haha.

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Update: I still fart in the backyard.

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Am I sensing an upcoming fluther backyard fart -off in the making? I’ll call Guinness.

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I hope I don’t become known as the user that asked the fart question.

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@tinyfaery Since I first saw this Q, I’ve been thinking of ways to ask other fart questions. Trust me, when one comes to me I’ll ask it. ;)

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There have been many -a -fart queries here. I wish someone could find the time to research this. I’ll call Ripley’s. Cute name for this…Ripleys. Get it?

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To all the people who can’t fart in front of their S/O – I feel sorry for you! That’s a bloated life you lead. I can’tt wait until that barrier in a relationship is broken. I do, as the woman, wait until he starts farting, but then follow suit. It also rids you of the embarrassment of an accidental rip and blaming it on the dog HAHA.

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That’s just weird that couples want to hide from each other to do that. To me, it makes it even more of a big deal that extra effort need be taken to be sure to be out of the room in time. When visitors are over and they ask where hubby or wife suddenly disappeared to. I’d like to see the list of reasons given for the odd breakaway. Do all these folks own dogs?

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@woodcutter and @Ponderer983 We’d both been married before, and in those relationships we all farted in front of our SOs. In the beginning of our relationship, we were talking about losing respect in our marriages, and it sounded like a good idea to try to be respectful even in small ways. It’s different, but interesting.

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Yeah, it can be easy enough to avoid Mexican food forever if that was all it would take to be respectful. For some of us it doesn’t matter what we eat…stuff’s comin out.

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Trust me, I know the feeling. :p

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I love this thread!!

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