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Are you familiar with South African music?

Asked by flo (13313points) November 4th, 2011

Do you have any more info about
this CD
same CD
other than what is on the CD, on Amazon and CD Universe ?

-What other songs and artists come to mind when you hear the track number 1?

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I cant hear this, but I adore talking drums, King Sunny Ade, juju music is one of my fave CDs. He is from nigeria and I’ve seen him live.

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I could only find a 30 second clip of the song but it gives me a taste of what the music sounds like.
Here’s the clip:,,1668740-6264210,00.html
That made me more sure that this youtube video is the right song!
I got some album credits from emusic-these are from Steve Dyer’s second album -Qhubeka [Move Forward] not the first one that the song is from, but I would imagine the artist and instruments are very similar from one to the other.
GUITAR (ACOUSTIC): Steve Dyer FLUTE: Steve Dyer COMPOSER: Steve Dyer GUITAR (ELECTRIC): Steve Dyer KEYBOARDS: Steve Dyer SAXOPHONE: Steve Dyer SAX (SOPRANO): Steve Dyer SAX (TENOR): Steve Dyer VOCALS (BACKGROUND): Steve Dyer PRODUCER: Steve Dyer ADAPTATION: Steve Dyer GUITAR (ELECTRIC): Louis Mhlanga GUITAR (ELECTRIC): Louis Mhlanga VOCALS (BACKGROUND): Thozama Motsage GUITAR (ACOUSTIC): Oliver Mtukudzi COMPOSER: Oliver Mtukudzi VOCALS: Oliver Mtukudzi VOCALS (BACKGROUND): Oliver Mtukudzi COMPOSER: Traditional DRUMS: Sam Mataure BASS (ELECTRIC): Never Mpofu COMPOSER: George Phiri GUITAR (ELECTRIC): George Phiri VOCALS: George Phiri VOCALS (BACKGROUND): George Phiri KEYBOARDS: Wessel VanRensburg PIANO: Afrika Mkhize COMPOSER: Phinda Mtya VOCALS: Phinda Mtya VOCALS (BACKGROUND): Phinda Mtya ADAPTATION: Phinda Mtya VOCALS (BACKGROUND): Mary Bell BASS: Jimmy Mngwandi BASS (ELECTRIC): Jimmy Mngwandi BASS (ACOUSTIC): Jimmy Mngwandi COMPOSER: Glen Mafoko
A little biographical bkgd on Steve Dyer, the composer:

There are 2 albums of African Salsa that I really love. The first one is called Artisanat by.
Pape Fall. The second is a compilation album called African Salsa by Various artists-Frochot Music. They are both on Emusic.
Can’t call myself an expert by any means but I do like this kind of music and if you want to explore it more this website might be a good place to start!

I like King Sunny Ade also.

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Take a look at an old group called Mango Groove and another called Johnny Clegg and Savuka. What do you think of them?

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@jazmina88 I like them too.
@Earthgirl thanks the 1st link seems to be filtered.
I’m looking at the rest of the info you gave thank you.
@ZEPHYRA I like both of them. Another one is Brenda Fassie who died too young.

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But I find the 1st 15 or 30 seconds of some songs,(the song in the OP is a good example) not representative of the song, I find after the 1st minute and some seconds it gets more upbeat. Maybe the last 30 seconds would be more useful?

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I actually find the first 30 seconds not so useful in getting a feel for the song. In many cases it can be a sort of intro that slowly leads you into what is to come. The tempo may totally change, vocals be introduced, more instrumentation layered on, etc. as the song develops. If you could find the song on Rhapsody, Pandora or some other place and hear the whole thing it would be so much better! That’s why I like Napster. You can hear the entire song before you decide to buy it or not.
flo Wasn’t the youtube clip I provided the right song? That clip has the entire song.

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@Earthgirl y’ I actually find the first 30 seconds not so useful in getting a feel for the song.’’
That is why I wonder if the sites that post the samples are aware of this.

’’The second clip the youtube is the right song, and it is the entire song’’ I was listening to the CD when I posted the OP, thanks for posting it.

I was looking to listen to samples of Steve Dyer:

I went here:
no longer available,
I found it on Yahoo:

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