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(Paging Dr. J and Dr. House) Why do I have such low energy?

Asked by everephebe (11593points) November 4th, 2011

Sorry in advance for the book length post.

Hi folks. I’m male 24, 165ish lb. and I eat well. Lately, I’ve been super tired for no obvious reason. I thought it was anemia or something, went to the doc did some tests…. Nothing. Everything came back peachy keen. Not mono, not thyroid related. Everything was healthy normative A-O.K. No weight gain, no weight loss. Doctor says it’s one of two things: Depression (statistically most likely and the better of the two options), or something rare and weird.

I have been depressed in the past and don’t feel like this is depression. My life is pretty damn good right now, and I’m happy. I don’t think this is mood related, it feels physical. I’d like to add that I’m not feeling stressed about anything either, school is going really well.

Under my eyes is a deep deep purple. I am fatigued after drinking the morning cup of coffee. Cuts and bruises take longer to heal. Basically I feel like crap all the time, but only physically. I’m laughing, smiling, happy.

I’m sleeping well but some days I wake up for a while and then go right back to sleep because I have no energy whatsoever. And then after that I wake up tired. I don’t believe I have any form of sleep disorder, I’ve done a sleep study before and I’m a pretty freaking normal run o’ the mill fellow. I don’t get a ton of exercise but, I walk and such (light yoga occasionally)

Oh and one other thing I have bad wrist pain due to arthritis. I had been using over the counter pain meds but stopped that just in case it was one of the factors, plus OTC does pretty much nothing for the pain.

Any ideas? O_o Thanks lovelies.

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You might have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had it for some time when all my blood tests showed perfection. It was due to a change in my exersizing…have you changed anything in your fitness routine?

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Allergy test. Dark circles around the eyes and fatigue can indicate allergies.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I used to walk more, when I lived in NYC but that’s about it.

@ANef_is_Enuf I have no known allergies besides onions. Could this be onions getting me down? There is one damn onion in this house but… that sounds extreme. If so FUCK onions.

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@everephebe Walking is more important than you may think! Try getting back into walking and nixing the coffee habit (although that may sound counterproductive).

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@Facade Right now I’m drinking like 6 cups a coffee a week. And I was walking much more before I started getting so tired all the time, that’s why I stopped. I do plan on walking more though, even if I have to force myself by snorting cocaine. Ok, the cocaine was a joke.

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Well if there hasn’t been major changes in your lifestyle and you didn’t have these problems before, and if your lifestyle wasn’t detrimental, then there is no reason to suggest a shift in your lifestyle as a treatment plan, I’d say that it’s more likely to assume it’s something else causing the symptoms. I suggest you keep on consulting a doctor. But this is under the assumption that the problem is really not psychological.

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@everephebe Hey, do what you need to do! (kidding) To me even 6 cups a week seems like it would have some ill effects, but of course, I’m not a doctor.

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I was feeling the same way lately and figured out I was dehydrated. Long term mild dehydration can cause joint and muscle aches and fatigue and shallow skin to the point your eyes look dark and tired. It will also cause lower back pain.
It wouldn’t hurt to drink more water and see if that is the problem. You can tell if you’re dehydrated if your mouth and lips feel dry. Water is needed for every function in your body, so if your low it will try to conserve as much of it as possible for your blood and to keep your organs cool and functioning.
If it is dehydration than it will take a while of drinking water before you feel better.
Drinking that much coffee will only help dehydrate you faster. Try having a glass of water instead of the coffee.
If thats not the problem than you may want to have your thyroids checked. But before you do that make sure you are hydrated being that dehydration will effect your thyroids and how they function.

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Hey I’m going for a walk right now! I’ll be back thanks all who have commented so far and those who will comment! :D Cheers. lurve all round

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I think that getting more exercise will help you. I know that it is like a catch-22 in that you don’t have the energy to exercise but if you could exercise more then you will have more energy. I suggest that you join an exercise gym and ask for expert help. Also of course lay off any tobacco products as well as alcohol and other recreational drugs.

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I suggest looking at the symtoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome see if you have them and if so mention it to your doctor.

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I have been reading many of the books of Dr. Neal Barnard about the benefits of a vegan diet. After some initial skepticism, I have tried it for a month and feel dramatically better… no more stomach aches, better sleeping habits, amazing new GI efficiency, and a general feeling of well being.

Additionally, I feel as though I am being kind to the animal kingdom and the planet

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I think you should look for master diagnostician. You may need more tests.

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Dear @everephebe—do you have a partner or roommate who has ever observed you sleeping?
Here’s why I ask..
Like you I felt extra tired..resolved the anemia..and yet still felt tired, and felt it wasn’t due to depression or lack of exercise. Despite the fact the blood test results said I should be feeling full of vim & vigor…I found myself wanting to sleep more & more hours and frequently tired.
Then my husband commented to me that he wasn’t feeling rested (and had noticed he slept MUCH better on nights when he or I would travel and sleep apart) because I was waking HIM up multiple times a night.
He believes I’ve developed sleep apnea am waking (ever so slightly..not enough for me to realize, truly..I just roll over or mutter and don’t fully wake up) multiple times a night. The constant interruption to my sleep (and in turn my husband’s—as he’d wake up hear me gasping because I’d just gone too long without oxygen..and then I’d ‘snore’ loudly as he was trying to get back to sleep) was (is) wearing me out.
I’ve been advised I should go to a sleep center (where they observe you sleeping and can prescribe surgery or corrective devices like a CPAP to correct airflow due to obstructive sleep apnea)—but honestly haven’t made time for it yet.
Just a thought..perhaps you are not getting good rest due to something like sleep apnea without realizing it? (I surely wouldn’t have known…had it not been for my husband’s observation of me waking several times a night.)

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My first thought was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as suggested by @Simone_De_Beauvoir. Here we have Ross River fever too which can really sap your energy. Apparently it is very similar to CFS. Not sure if you have anything similar where you are. It is carried by mosquitoes. I also think @geeky_mama‘s suggestion is very worth while checking out.

Regardless, I hope you find the answer soon and feel 100% better.

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Did you change your caffeine intake? You say you drink 6 cups a week, is that one everday. You have to either drink caffeine consistently or not. If you have two cups, and then none the next two days, you can go through withdrawal. When I withdraw from caffeine I feel crappy, and everyone tells me I look under the weather. Are you headachy at all? That would be another indication tue caffiene is playing a part in the whole thing. If you only drink a acup or two and then go without the symptoms might be mild, but still bothersome.

Otherwise, I suggest a rheumatologist. At age 24 without any major changes in diet or exercise this shouldn’t happen. Even if you. Became a coach potato for a few weeks this should not happen. It could be a weird virus that will get better on its own?

Just thought of one more thing, is your sex drive down at all? Or, difficulty maintaining an erection? Is your beard growing in slower? Low testosterone can make you tired.

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Under my eyes is a deep deep purple. I am fatigued after drinking the morning cup of coffee. Cuts and bruises take longer to heal. Basically I feel like crap all the time, but only physically

I have two in my home with these exact symptoms now. The under eye circles are known as “shiners”. These are very apparent this time of year with both of my fellas. It’s a symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The cuts and bruises can quickly be remedied with Quercetin

Get out in the sun for a minimum of 10 mins per day, take a “D” supplement and if your condition does not improve, seek therapy. You may need light therapy to pull you through this.

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Hey, @SpatzieLover might be on to something. Especially if you are now working full time indoors and previously had more time outside. I am just considering your age. Your vitamin D could be depleted getting fewer and fewer sun hours over the last couple of years.

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Oh – this is so sad to stumble upon!

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@janbb Did you come upon this after the fact?

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Yeah, damn there were signs and we all missed them. Crap.

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What happened to @everephebe ?

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he died.

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