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What are the things you are most certain you will never see happen before you leave this earth?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28956points) November 4th, 2011

Do these things make you glad you’re not going to see it happen or is it the other way around where you would very much hate for it to happen but you know it will, shortly or long after you are gone?

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Me… leaving the earth. I’ll never make it to space.

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Alien invasion.
George Bush turning into a lizard man.
The Cubs winning a world series.

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Florida/California under water
Democrats and Republicans agreeing

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I agree with @Narl, I never expect to see the Republicans & the Democrats actually working together to help the people of the United States.


The discovery of intelligent life from outerspace.

The Loch Ness Monster or other real sea monsters.


The affirmation of reincarnation (life after death).

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Zombie invasion.

In reality though, that would be fuckin’ horrible.

But for something realistic…I doubt I’ll ever own a helicopter.

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I’m never going to have my own corporate jet with a pilot.

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Peace in the Middle East.


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@zensky Yes indeed. Sad.

@plethora and @Symbeline Yes, I too would never have my own private plane with four stewardesses willing to pole dance if I ask them to, Tony Stark style. < Sigh >

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I doubt that I will ever meet my Granddaughter, after a nasty custody battle between her parents, and a severe stroke suffered by my son, she lives with her mother and stepfather in London.

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Time travel.

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Living robots who appear as humans and who meet my every physical, mental and emotional need.

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I probably won’t see a lot of space travel milestones due to NASA’s ever-shrinking budget, which kills me because there’s nothing I find more interesting than space travel.

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