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If you're offered to live your life(a part of it)again would you do it?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) December 20th, 2009

Two cases.
A)You can relive your life(a part of it)without changing anything.
so you get the chance just to re feel that moment.Which specific moment of your life would you choose(if you choose).
B)You can relive your life( a moment of it) with the possibility to change what you’ve done first time without altering you(your memories from the first time remain intact).How will you change that part of your life?

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`What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you in your loneliest loneliness and say to you:

‘This life as you live it now and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence – even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!’

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@mammal I let you choose how many times and what to relive

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i see, so a selective replay of various life events, yes i could think of several involving women especially, plus discoveries of a physical and spiritual nature.

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Yes. I would correct my major mistake. I would not get married.

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But what if by changing one thing led to a catastrophic affect on something else that didn’t happen originally?

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yes! I’d change a couple of things… things would be awesome if possible

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no way! i just wouldnt have my lovely family i have now

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No. i have been blessed with a life that most people just dream about. i have not had a lot of money, but i do have good health and have been blessed many times over by my maker.

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@chyna If I give you a simulator which shows you how things will evolve for others,will you be more willing to change something?

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Yes I would. In that case, I would relive about a 10 year span. Do some things differently, express myself differently, express my love more generously.

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I wouldn’t change a thing. I would be to afraid that if I did I’d mess up what I have now. Relive a moment though, for the sheer amusement of it, sure. I’d go back to a few choice moments and live them the same way for nostalgia sake.

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@jamielynn2328 I said in details that you can change without changing you in any way.

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I’m already living that…but I would choose B for a while until I can’t do any better… I would try to fix my mistakes… but I would fail again and again until I gave up or went insane…but at least I can say that I gave it the old college try… and I wouldn’t regret my past anymore… I would eat properly, sleep at nights, stop skipping university, and never sell my books for pizza money…and I would be more honest with my firends and others before i ended up losing them and failing out of university

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I’d relive that little interlude with @jonsblond this morning.

In fact I would be more than happy to relive an entire interlude montage.

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STAYED IN COLLEGE! and made an effort to stay away from the big H.

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I’d relive my secondary school years.
Boy I could wreak show much havok knowing what I know now.

wait, we do remenber that we’re reliving it right?

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I’ve come to terms with all that has happened in my life and made peace with it. As it turns out, it happened for a reason. I’m not going to fiddle with it. I couldn’t do nearly as good a job as what was done already.

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I would love to be able to relive my life beginning from just out of College….

I would do my best not to have been so jealous and cuse the break up of a GREAT relationship and might even have had a stronger one develop .

I would have had proper papers preventing my sister from removing mom from Florida… and she’d be around today…

There are several things I would do to change my life ; UNfortunately, we just can’t relive the past .. so we need to make the best of today and the tomorrows .

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There are a lot of parts I would be tempted to relive but what if I screw it up the second time. I like the way things turned out so far. I have a lot of happy memories and some sad ones, like my dad dieing but going back in my life time wouldn’t change that out come and if it did, and he lived longer, it definetly would’ve changed a major decision of my life. So no thanks.

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I’d choose not to be born in the first place. Not with Aspergers Syndrome at least.

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I can relate to that, Stranger. I wasn’t born with mine, but had it inflicted upon me. Maybe if I went back far enough I could choose a better mother. Hehehe :)

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@phillis well phillis, you wouldnt be you then would you?

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If I can live my past 22 years over again while retaining knowledge of my first try, yes please! :D
Hey, 22 free years of extended life, right there. Do you know how much you can learn in 22 years? Even if I’ll have to do what the grown ups tell me again for some 18 more years, and even if I’ll have to pretend to be ignorant in order not to weird people out with how much I already know, I think that’s very much worth it.
Not to mention that my youth would probably have been a lot more fun if I had figured out some things I know now a lot earlier.

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As tempting as the offer would be, there is no part of my life that I wish to redo. To replay the positive events over and again, that would risk never advancing again or having another positive encounter. I wouldn’t want to change even the most negative event because it helped make me who I am. There is also every possibility that I could make an even worse error.

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@Ghost in the system it’s second time when I say that you can change what you want without changing who you are and you can relive what you want how many times you want not for an infinite number of times

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there’s a lot I’d like to relive so I could change the way i’ve ended up…

but I’d like to go back to being 4 years old…the last time I remember being truly happy in my own skin…if I could grasp and hold on to that feeling maybe I could feel better when I wake up tomorrow

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I spent quite a few years commercial fishing in the Pacific when it used to be profitable. That was probably the hardest job, but the most fun, I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing like having thousands of square miles of ocean for your office. It would certainly be nice to relive that.
As far as changing things, I was quite a bit of a hell raiser in my youth, and I guess if I could change some of the things I’ve done and still have the knowledge of learning from those mistakes. You bet cha!

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Ah, the old time machine question.

Can I be 17 again and have sex 5 times a day this time round. Oh, and I’d floss more.

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@chyna… Butterfly effect again…

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Option B is tempting, but I wouldn’t take it, because what if I still didn’t get it right the second time around? I would play it safe and choose to relive a happy moment, though I’m not sure which one to choose.

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I would do ALL of it….at least 3 times in succession. BUT, I’d do it 300 years ago.

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Yes…I would go back and relive and make different choices.

The moment I would like to re-live again (without changing anything) would be four days that I spent with someone who meant so much to me…someone that I am no longer in touch with…just because we drifted apart…not for any acrimonious reason. It was four days that I will never forget.

The moment I would like to live again (and change) is the moment that I met a person who changed the course of my life…I would just walk away and would not engage in that very first conversation that led to an involvement. It ended up impacting my life and not in such positive ways.

However…..the second answer…..I do see how if I had made a different choice, it would have affected someone else close to me who did benefit from this and so I am not sure even that I would want it a different way.

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Thats a tricky question, yes I would like to live my childhood again, though some of my adulthood I wouldn’t, oh and I would still like to keep my family, I wouldn’t change a thing about them!

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I would relive the last two years since my wife and I were married. Those have been the happiest years of my life, so far.The fact that I have incurable cancer makes them even more poignant.

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@CaptainHarley So very sorry to hear that.

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@chyna… [ shrug/smile ] We all have to go sometime. Knowing approximately how long doctors think you have to live can make you reassess a lot of things in your life. I intend to live as long as I can, and I don’t go down easy. Realistically speaking, I should have been dead many times and long ago. I’ve been living on borrowed time since I was about 24 years old ( I’m 66 now ), and I’ve had a good run, lots of joy and happiness, and have done almost everything I ever wanted to do. I’ll hopefully start working on my Ph.D. degree soon, and that’s the last long-term goal I had set for myself.

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As much as there are parts of my life i would wish to go and desperately change for a different outcome. I have come to realise that we have to go through great trials and ordeals no matter how heart wrenchingly painful. And so i know i could never go back and change things for the better because i realise that if i stopped altered what happened at that point in time, it would only happen at a different point in time probably making it all the harder to bare. When the time comes it comes and no amount of wishing is going to change it.
Time flows forward the past is a fixed point.

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As a kid, I always felt like I’ve done this all before. That feeling (and suffering from low self-esteem) resulted in a “torturous” youth. It wasn’t until I was older, having benefited from “self-analysis”, that I was able to come to some perception of life I can live with (excuse the pun.).

I personally feel we repeat life (or parts of it) many times…possibly more times than me know.

It’s my goal to try getting it right now so I won’t have to do it again.

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I’d rather not change or relive anything, as that would defy what is otherwise known as living. Who knows just how much more fucked up one would become, how worse they would make things or what…I don’t wanna end up waking up with my arms missing.


That would suck.

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I would relive the month before i moved out of America to try and change it, i know what really happened now and i think i could do something to allow my family to stay there…

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i would love to relive a part in my life, but i wouldn’t do it even if i had the chance given to me.

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I’ll take reliving a part of it with no changes, no additions. There are two days of July 2009 in particular I would gladly relieve, even a tiny owie part where I cut my finger open because what led up to it was so great.

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I sure wouldn’t mind getting a do over of last week.

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To be honest, my first reaction to this was do I have to? I would altogether rather just go on without doing either. ;)

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@woodcutter what happened last week?

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Why wouldn’t I if had my choice? There are sure some moments I wouldn’t mind reliving!

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There might be moments that would be fun to relive, but living one’s life again while remembering already having done it sounds incredibly tedious for me. You can just daydream of the good memories and go on for interesting stuff, no?

But if I had to pick either, I’d probably pick some stupid quarrel, go back, and be more reasonable in it.

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I’d like to go back to when my Son was diagnosed Autistic and put him in his current school. If I could do that he would make more progress. This school helps all the Children. New York Learning Institute in College point Queens helped the Children most who’s Parents donated the most No Matter how much I gave they complained . I know more and could help him more.

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@lynneblundell ah, that week. It was a conveyor belt of small disasters beginning with getting slammed with 2 mechanical failures involving my work truck. I’m self employed so it is my lifeblood sort of. because of the way they happened it made it even more difficult and very expensive to overcome. It cost me alot of money to have a shop work on it then ran out of money to fix another problem so I had to attempt to make the repairs myself. which didn’t really bother me too much because I can fix a lot of mechanical issues that happen but is still a pain. What’s a few bloody knuckles compared to the adventure of being your own boss? Anyway it was a loose / loose deal because while I’m bleeding money to fix the truck I was not able to go to work to recoup losses. The truck is still sitting in the yard most of the way fixed so I have converted my personal car into a utility vehicle that really doesn’t fill the bill very well. I am riding in style though. There is a good chance I may blow off the rest of the year till after the holidays as it seems my clients have left town and won’t be able to cut paychecks anyway. The sad part is I’ve been through this before so I can’t claim any character growth for living through it like I did the first go round, or the second. The good part is this really wasn’t that bad if this is the worst thing to go wrong all year. Only 8 days to go and if I can stay sucker free till then it still will have been a success, relatively speaking. thanks for asking by the way.

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sorry about all that @woodcutter have happy holidays xxx love x

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@lynneblundell Everything is going to be ok.We got a terrible snowstorm today so that means I wouldn’t have been able to do any work anyway, for a few days at least. It’s all good. I was keen to move enough firewood close to the house in preparation for it all. I will watch the flames dancing in the fireplace for the next few days and do alot of reflecting. Hope u have a great holiday :)

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I wish I could say, no, I have become what I am because of all of it. But there are lot’s of things about me that I have become that I wish I wasn’t. I would definitely change things if I could go back at certain times and relive these periods.I think it is called hindsight.

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I like who and where I am in the present moment.

Too many people dwell in the past, endlessly ruminating about the ’ shoulda, woulda, coulda’ stuff.

All we ever truly have is the right here, right now…don’t waste your time mulling over the past.

Learn what you need to learn and move on.

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Only if I could do more to help my Autistic Son.

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There’s one thing I’ve always wondered about. A close friend and I at one point early in our friendship were pretty smitten with each other… I didn’t pursue because we had a mutual friend that had a problem with our “connection”, amongst other excuses I came up with. We are still very, very good friends, and I believe even soul mates. He’s married now, but every now and then I wonder, “What if…???”

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There is not one single soul on the planet who would refuse that opportunity unless the prospect of it scared them to death.

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As far as part I, well there’s Summer Solstice 1977 at the all-night bonfire with Beth and Barb and Amy and…any more details and it would be NSFW

But for part II, There is nothing I would want to change because the person I am right now is the sum of all my previous experiences (real and imagined) in this life

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Aaaah, another 70’s guy. lol

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I would most definitely do high school again. Nothing changed, running the halls acting like I’m shawn micheals or rob van dam. There was this one guy that I rock bottomed so hard he couldn’t walk for 20 minutes. Turned out he was in a serious gang and the gang he was in was the strongest in my high school. Turns out, the gang liked how strong I was and kinda always looked out for me and my friends. Here I was a avid nerd gamer that had 4 game systems and the only real reason I paid any attention in school was so me and my friends could go home and play golden eye and marvel vs. capcom without worrying about homework, with protection from a group of people that was involved with 2 murders. Not saying I condone what they did, but me and my friends NEVER got bullied, in or out of school, it’s was a like a 4 year video gaming session!!! (shed’s tear)

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Magic 8 ball says: Too early to tell!

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I would relive the parts of my life where i made wrong decisions that kind of redirected my fate.When i was a young adult,i was kind of big headed about everything from things i thought i knew to things that i did’nt understand but pretended to anyway.I think that i lost out on alot of opportunities.Great question!!!

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I would relive starting when I first got pregnant with my daughter. I would have been a better parent to her and her brother in their younger years.

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Yes, some of it for sure. But grateful for all of it and how it has brought me to the understandings I have now.

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Two things: I would relive the week before my Dad’s death. It was sudden and unexpected, years ago and I would just spend every moment possible with him, or perhaps the two years before his death. This is a really poignant time in my life.

I would never have met or married my second wife. I see no good in that whatsoever.

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I wouldn’t choose either. I have no need to go back in time, I’m satisfied enough with the present and the ever approaching future.

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Pesonally I wouldn’t choose to change anything….But reliving some of the memories sounds fun!!

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