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What do I name my fine arts photography business?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) May 13th, 2008

I am beginning my formal incursion into the world of fine art photography. Right now I’m debating if to use my real full name or another one for business cards, website and such.
For the record, I won’t have a brick-n-mortar gallery nor studio of my own.

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I love the gallery Matt Stuart Shoots People I think the name is brilliant.

Maybe something like that? Or are you thinking of something quippy?

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I would name it something catchy. Something creative. When you are trying to promote your work, it is essential in my opinion to get your name out there. When you make a website to showcase your work, it would be easier for a client to remember a catchy name rather than a person’s full name.

& then add a subtitle like “Thru the lens of (your name here)”

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Where is your gallery located? If you could come up with a trendy name associated with your surroundings it might sound good and attract customers.

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i think using your own name is the best way to go. as you expand your business, your name goes with it (i.e. people begin to associate your art with your name, not just the name of your business). also, it won’t turn audiences off; a name like “matt stuart shoots people,” while i agree it’s creative, may not be appealing to certain demographics. in short, your name (unless it’s either really weird or really common) won’t limit your business while other choices might.

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PhotographME…it’s catchy and unique.

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ArtBy<YourName> – all one word

As for using your full name, I would put full name on business cards, but in the name of your business, I’d let it depend on how many syllables there are. I have a fairly long name and it wouldn’t make a business name sound catchy, so I’d only use my first, middle or last name.

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If you specialize in photographing kids, something simple like “Clix” or “Shutterbug” would work, all depending on your ad campaign. Because advertising DOES work, regardless of the opinion of some…
For a fine art photography business, I agree with benjamin6 that the absolute best name is…your own. “Fine Art Photography by (Last Name)” will attract more clientele than something trendy; It will also assist word of mouth recommendations by being easy to remember.
Also, purchase the largest yellow pages ad that you can afford, and put your best black and white portrait of a bride, a hand with a wedding ring, or something else wedding-related, as this will be your primary demographic (at least at first). Good Luck!

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Picture This

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