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Is this the correct use of the semicolon?

Asked by mistic84 (254points) November 10th, 2011

Here is the sentence:

“Mike has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales including: strategic product planning, development and marketing; direct sales management and administration; sales force automation and call center operations.”

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Yes, a colon preceeds a list.

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Yes, looks fine. It allows each of the “experience” items to be further sub-divided by commas without muddling the organization of the sentence.

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Oh, wait. You were asking about the semi-colon. Yes, you use them to keep independent clauses together.

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A colon is very formal. A semi colon is semi-formal; it is used, like here, to separate two disctinct thoughts in the sentence. Where you might normally use a – informally.

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Thanks for all the input!

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I am curious why your question used a colon; your question was about a semicolon.

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If I were writing your sentence, I would use a semi-colon after “sales force automation”. If “sales force automation” is paired with “call center operations”, then don’t use a semi-colon there, but add the word “and” .

I would not use the colon. I would use a comma after “marketing and sales” and before “including”.

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