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Nowhere, it was originally a riddle. 1

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Great question @AshLeigh. I’d never thought of that! Great answer @wonderingwhy!

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Nowhere – but I believe the original illustrations to the book by John Tenniel depict him as an egg.

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He was a cannon.
In the English Civil War.
Likely, not an “egg”.

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It’s in Through the Looking Glass, and in the book he’s an egg.

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As I recall, the story of HD was based on a political figure, but I don’t remember it being Richard III.
I can’t find my annotated Mother Goose, but I will continue looking for it later.

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Oh, Ash-Leigh. I didn’t even know this was your question, but I had to look at it because I read it and I was like “HEY!... It doesn’t..”

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Erikah, right? :D
It’s not in there. >.<

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You know who I am..
If you don’t..then why am I in your house?

I know it isn’t in there. I checked. :D

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Erikah… Dork. :P
I checked too. And I was very annoyed that it was not in there.
Humpty Dumpty is a lie!!!

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I wouldn’t say it’s a lie. Just not very informative.

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Erikah, that’s like saying the cake isn’t a lie, and it’s just not informative. Which would be a LIE.

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I’ve been reading the Wikipedia entry that @wonderingwhy linked to and there seems to have been, historically, almost as much speculation, mystery and intrigue surround the true identity and nature of Humpty Dumpty as that surround the identity of Bob Woodward’s secret
Watergate informant, Deep Throat. We may never know the truth.

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If I didn’t already take Government, I would have no idea what you were talking about, @lillycoyote. :D

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@AshLeigh I wasn’t sure if you youngsters would know who the Deep Throat I was referring to was, so I added a few details. :-)

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@lillycoyote, I got it right away. But only because it was the last thing we learned about in Government class, last quarter. :D
If I hadn’t taken that class I would be very confused. :D

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Omg I love that question.

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