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What did we see in the night sky?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) November 11th, 2011

Alright, jellies, I am not a superstitious type… but I had a group of friends over tonight for drinks and conversation, and at one point we we, as a group, were summoned outside to see something unusual in the sky.
There seemed to be a large, dark circle with a light, flickering edge around it…. and a large rainbow looking thing in the sky. It was completely dark outside, the moon was not too far off. It was in the northeastern sky, and a large group of us saw this, it wasn’t some fluke thing.
The colors were distinct, it was a full rainbow, but more of a large chunk of the sky rather than a curved, classic rainbow. Again, it was completely dark out.
Was it the northern lights? What the heck could it have been?

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Crap, just one ‘we’ in that sentence.

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Did it kinda look anything like this?
Sounds like aurora borealis/northern lights to me.

Can’t find any pics that have a circle though…just chunks of night sky, rainbow like. :/

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No, nothing like that. It was distinctly the full spectrum of color, also. We all agreed on that, and how it seemed very unusual. The whole thing was kind of bizarre.

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Were the colours in proper rainbow order? If so, that’s bloody bizarre. :/

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Yes, it was like a rainbow.. but it wasn’t shaped like a rainbow. It was seriously weird. I can’t seem to find anything indicating that the northern lights should have been visible here tonight, nor any news or local reports of anyone else seeing this. wtf. If I didn’t have 5 other people that were as dumbfounded as me, and saw this as clear as day, I’d think I lost my mind.

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Also, the colors were striped horizontally, not vertically like a classic rainbow. As the wind blew the clouds it all slowly dissipated in front of us.

I might sound insane, but I am dead serious about this.

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A large group of people with no camera/video phone?

Those Zeneble Ganoobies are sneaky fucks! They kidnapped you, probed you all, set you back, and hypnotized you to think nothing happened… Notice any missing time?

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We all had camera phones, but none of us had a good enough phone to get an image that could be made out. I can’t even get a picture of the moon with my phone, so something like this is practically impossible.

It was quick, also, the whole sight lasted maybe one minute, from the time it was noticed until the time it was completely gone.

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Could it have been a moon dog? Here’s a rainbowy example, without the moon in the frame.

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Hmmm, maybe. It didn’t look quite like that, but there was a large halo around the moon itself… and the whole thing was relatively close to the moon.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I totally believe you. I just…don’t know what the fuck it was. Must have been interesting to see, though.

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@Symbeline thanks. I know that it sounds a little far out there, but I hope that I have a reputation for being at least somewhat reasonable, around here.
I wish we did get photos, it was truly a beautiful sight… whatever it was.

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@ANef_is_Enuf If you ever do find out, let me know…I’ll be following this question, in case someone knows.

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I am really hoping to hear something on the local news or Facebook or Twitter… something saying that other people saw it, too, so we can know for sure what it was.

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Oh, aha, dappledleaves was correct. It was a moon doggy. It looked a lot like this, only more vibrant and larger.

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Just saw your update. That is so cool. I’d love to see that, especially now knowing what it is (so I wouldn’t convince myself I’m just going insane). Lucky.

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Cool deal. Now I want to see one.

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You got to see the northern lights. We didn’t get it this time. Frigging amazing isn’t it?

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@Adirondackwannabe sadly, no, I’m pretty sure it was a moon dog. I noticed that the halo around the moon was particularly pronounced, even though I’ve seen that many times, but location of the rainbow and unusual dark/light spot would have matched up with the halo if it had extended further, just like the photos I found.
I was really disappointed, actually, because I have always wanted to see the northern lights. I actually must have said it 3 or 4 times last night, that I waited my whole life for that. lol. It’s okay, though, it was a beautiful sight, and I had no idea such a thing existed.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Sounds like you need to take a trip north. :)

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Saw another tonight. We’re all really excited about this new find, in our household.

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