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What medicines can a pregnant girl take for cold symptoms?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 13th, 2011

Girlfriend is having trouble not coughing every 30 minutes. Seems like a very mild case of her asthma or bronchitis acting up. She said she was cleaning the room today and encountered plenty of dust. Any advice? She had one attack which started about 4 hours after she cleaned up, lasted about 40 minutes. She watched all of a movie, then after the movie, she started coughing again. Now she is asleep. She had put some Vicks around her nose to help breathing. Is this a teratogen for the baby? What can she do to help her self at the moment? Thanks.

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What does her doctor say about using her inhaler while she’s pregnant?

Really, she needs to see her doctor. Medical questions like this on a q&a board…. not a good idea.

It could be her asthma, or a virus… we don’t know. I think there are two qualified doctors on this board and I can tell by their recent replies to questions like this… they are rather tired of them.

Pregnancy puts a real stress on the body. Her lungs and stomach will be mushed as the baby grows. Her blood supply increases, putting stress on the heart. If she has underlying medical conditions, she needs to have them monitored by a health professional.

She should be going in and having her blood pressure checked as an absolute minimum, and have questions like this answered by a doctor or a midwife.

What can she do to help herself? 1. Stop doing things that will trigger the asthma. 2. Go to a doctor and get her questions answered as well as a good check up.

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She could try mullein. It is beneficial for coughs and asthma. You can get it as a tincture at organic markets or other places herbs are sold.

This site says: “mullein is believed to be safe to use during pregnancy or lactation.”

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Nettie pot.

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The ones her doctor says is OK for her to take.

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There are a number of safe home remedies, such as hot water, lemon and honey, but I would urge you to take her to the Doctors. When pregnant I think it is very important to exercise caution and leave it in the hands of professionals.

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Did your girlfriend’s OB give her a list of medications safe for use during pregnancy? My OB gave me a list of various medications I could take for common issues (like headache, stomach ache, allergies, etc.). If so, refer to that list. If not, she needs to call her OB and ask them. While there are medications that are safe in general for pregnancy, she may have other issues going on that make it so that those medications wouldn’t be safe for her and the baby. Without knowing her personal situation, it’s hard to say for sure.

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@Seaofclouds Thanks all for responding. She is scheduled to take check out her OB this week. We have linked her coughing phenomena to her eating pomegranates. Because she’s been fine since she hasn’t eaten any. But she chomped down on the pomegranates and would’ve thought a more severe allergic reaction would occur? Maybe we were lucky this time around?

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