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How can I boost a plant my cat urinated on?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) November 13th, 2011

That’s it. Nothing much to say.

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You need to rinse the urine out of the plant and the pot. Water it down, replace the soil, put it in a new pot. Cut off the bits that have gone yellow or brown. Ick.

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@cazzie only thing is it seems the whole plant (lavender) is withering!

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Oh, and lavender likes it quite dry.

Is it in a pot? or in your garden? If it is in your garden, just water water water… rinse the urine out of the soil and hope that there is enough drainage so the lavender doesn’t rot. If the cat is spraying the lavender with the gland under it’s tail, I don’t know what you can do about that. Cats start spraying when they feel threatened or stressed about something, some just spray because they’re really territorial.

The whole plant is whithering because it’s taking up the urine from the roots, I’m guessing. You could do a pH test of the soil and perhaps use either baking soda or some sort of acid balancing liquid. A heathy cat has a urine pH of abour 6.5 (slightly on the base side), but when it oxygenates, it would turn more like ammonia and very caustic. It could be killing the lavender from the roots up.

I’m not a cat person. I curse and swear when I’m in my garden and I dig up the neighbour cat’s shit.

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Change the soil. Use some potting soil with Miracle Grow.

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If the plant is potted you want to take it out of the pot and remove the all the soil, rinse the root ball and put it in fresh soil. You don’t want to over water because of the type of plant it is. I had to read up on this when my cat did this to my pomagrante that was close to 20 yrs old, but unfortunately the plant took in too much of the urine and it ultimately died and I had to get a new one. Sorry this happened to yours, I hope it makes it.

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@cazzie yeah, it’s in a pot (along with other plants: rosemary, sage, thyme, melissa)

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@Anatelostaxus – Are you going to the Scarborough fair?

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@HungryGuy I was there.
Just didn’t find any parsley.

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