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Is the NBA lockout really worth it?

Asked by MacBatman31 (2043points) November 14th, 2011

Is it worth losing all the money the players will lose?
I personally feel that it is pointless, and the players are a bunch of greedy prima-donas. Think of how many people are out of work because the players want more money. Like $25.6 million contracts aren’t enough?
What are your opinions on it?

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I hate basketball, so I find this wonderful. Now I don’t need to worry about some basketball game preempting a show I like.

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I enjoy college basketball because I feel that anything can happen in it and I usually win some money from the March Madness tourney. But pro basketball? HELL NO. Cannot stand these dudes getting paid millions and millions to not really even play that physical of a sport. I honestly feel any lockout at all is ridiculous.

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I agree with @filmfann. Thanks to basketball, I always miss a week of Survivor and several episodes of Y&R. ;)

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Who really cares? Who really misses it?
Who are the real role models in that game? Really, think about what the players mostly stand for.

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Clearly the owners are greedy pigs. Think of all the people they are putting out of work just to screw the players to the wall a little harder. Don’t they care about the economic impact they are having? Just because they want a little more money? Don’t they have enough already? Look at the income gap in this country. It is outrageous and scandalous!

And the players only have a few years in which to make money. Their bodies get all beaten up and they lose years of their life for playing the game and the owners still want to take a few dollars away from them. It is unconscionable. People should boycott the concession stands when they come back.

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@wundayatta I like your point. But I wonder, how would you feel about a 50/50 split of the pot? Or do you feel the players should get the 52–53% they ask for?

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The players union has dissolved itself and the players will now take the owner’s to court.
Both sides better be careful what they wish for, they could easily spend so much winning the case that they bankrupt the business.

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Unfortunately I don’t care anymore. I used to enjoy professional sports but it’s come down to a very small group of people arguing over billions of dollars. Both the owner and player are too greedy. I still watch baseball, but that’s it.

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@MacBatman31 Honestly, I don’t think there is any ideal split of the pot. Just that players should get as much as possible. The negotiation is how it gets divided up. They all have to think about lots of things in coming to an agreement. How much of the season can they lose? When will fans be so turned off they won’t come back? How much are they willing to lose in order to make more later on? How long can they hold out before someone starts a competing league? When will the other side cave?

So many unknowns and fans are just a part of it. They know how many people will come back right away and how many will come back in a year or two, and how many will never come back. They know new fans are being born all the time.

At some point, the losses will outweigh any gain they can make through negotiations, and at that point, they will settle. It’s not up to us to decide what is worth it. We don’t count. It’s only the negotiating parties that will decide that. I doubt if they really care very much what fans think.

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Look at it on the positive side, all the cheerleaders are now available for performing at things like High School games, shopping mall openings and bar mitzvah’s.

there is always a silver lining

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Yeah! And getting my number!

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