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Will America's lack of jobs and bad economy force couples not to marry?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) November 20th, 2011

There are couples that want to marry each other, but this responsibility requires a decent job and they are just not available in America at the present time. Question: will the ailing economy and lack of employment keep couples from marrying each other, or will cupid’s arrow be so strong that the economy will make no difference in their decision to walk down the aisle?

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In just this year of 2011, four friends of mine got married. I myself just got married last week and none of us let the economy or lack of jobs affect our engagements/weddings.

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I think it just depends on what they want more, to be married to each other or to have a wedding that would cost more money than they can afford. It only cost my husband and me about $200 to get married (for the cost of the license and the officiate that did the ceremony).

I don’t see how getting married is a responsibility that requires the people that want to get married to have decent jobs. If anything, I can see the economy and lack of jobs leading to more households with a stay at home partner than people just not getting married in the first place.

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I’m getting married in December. I’m a full time college student, and aspiring musician/artist & unemployed. The show must go on.

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That’s generally the case yes, especially among the minorities. Also, a lot of interesting info here.

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Whitetigress, you are so right…......the show must go on!

Good answer.

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I won’t even go into the discussion that I really think there are jobs if you just go out and find them.
If you are using that as an excuse, then maybe you are not ready to. When would be the right time? You can always find some reason not to if you are using the economy as your guide.

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I do think it might have some effect. I know several men who did not feel good about proposing until they had a secure job. Most men still feel like the financial burden lies on them most for supporting their family. At minimum they want to feel they can responsibly support themselves before they involve another person into their life in a permanent committed situation like marriage.

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I doubt it. In my experience, it makes them more likely to get married, since paying rent on one apartment is cheaper than two, and that goes for most expenses. If they are living with their parents, it might make a difference.

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@YARNLADY I think it might make it more likely for people to move in together, but not married. Maybe you are right.

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@JLeslie If they understand the economic advantages on taxes and insurance, among other things, they would marry.

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